Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Blog?

Why blog? Why not blog? Blogging is a way to share your life with people around the world. Blogging gives you a platform to make your point to unlimited audience. How many times have you felt that you had something to important to share but lacked an audience. With a blog you have your audience. While it is true that you are not guaranteed that anyone will read your blog posts, if you post good, relevant content on a  regular basis you increase your chance of attracting readers and building a following for your blog.

A Blog Following Won't Happen Overnight
You can't expect to build a large blog following overnight, it will take time. If you will committ to blogging regularly and providing quality content for your readers, overtime you increase your chances of building a substancial readership.

  • Be consistent in your postings, post several post a day if possible.
  • Be concise, do not post fluff. Do not make your reader read through a barrage of useless, unneeded words to get to the meat of your posts.
  • Be relevent. Provide relevent content for your readers, provide content that your readers will find useful.
Following these steps can be helpful in building a following for your blog.

Benefits of Blogging

One obvious benefit of blogging is the satifaction of sharing something that people want to read. Why do writers write? I am going to be bold in saying that they want someone to read their writings. I know that people who write for a living want to make money off their publishings, but there is a satifaction of knowing that people enjoy reading your writing.

Another benefit of blogging is the opportunity to make money off your blog. Advertisers will pay ypu money for ads shown on your blog. If you choose to monetize your blog, advertisers will pay you money everytime someone clicks on their ads displayed on your blog, this could turn into an extra source of income for you.

So whether you choose to blog for the joy of sharing your writing or to build an extra stream of income. If you the urge hits you, BLOG!

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