Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unseen Border?

Where is that fine line between the material and the immaterial?
The unseen border that separates what can be seen from the unseen.
Is there really a dividing line between the natural and the supernatural?
Or is our perception simply a erroneous misconception?
Perhaps there is not a border between the two realms, maybe the physical is wrapped in the metaphysical.
Perhaps what we consider unreal is what is truly real.


Claudia said...

maybe the physical is wrapped in the metaphysical.....who can tell exactly... good thoughts in this... think the human mind is way too border-focused in general

Brian Miller said...

i think they blend far more often than we realise...the trick i think is in our eyes...or better yet in our hearts...

Heaven said...

Who knows what is real or not. What matters I believe is what we see or hope to see ~

Happy weekend ~

Laurie Kolp said...

Thought-provoking piece. I do know that peace lies on the border of acceptance.