Friday, November 23, 2012

Ematic Genesis Tablet

Generic Computer Tablets

There are a lot of different brands of computer tablets available this Christmas shopping season. It would be awesome to be able to give Apple iPads* away as Christmas gifts, but unless you have a lot of extra money on hand that would be an impractical gift.

Low Priced PC Tablets

However, with all the smaller off-brand 7" PC tablets on the market, a low-priced PC tablet computer for under $100 might be a neat gift within your price range.  Some of the smaller generic PC tablets have e-readers, built-in web cams, music and video players,Wi-Fi and allow users to surf the web, check e-mail. watch movies, and view documents. Now buyers should be forewarned that a smaller off brand tablet computer will not have the functionality of an iPad but on a positive note, this type of tablet computer can be purchased for under a $100, which in my humble opinion is not too bad of a price for a touch screen tablet PC. I personally own a Kindle Fire*, but if I did not have a Kindle I would consider giving one of these generic PC tablets priced under $100 a try.

*Apple iPad is a trademark of Apple.
*Kindle Fire is a trademark of Amazon.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Onyx Black with 2 Games 045496713867 | eBay

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Onyx Black with 2 Games 045496713867 | eBay

I am not too much on video games but my children really enjoy playing them. My son is trying to sell his gameboy advance on ebay. If you would like one of these portable, handheld video game systemse, please visit the listing on ebay, he would greatly appreciate it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

OTC Relief for Acid Reflux

There is an easy treatment for acid reflux that can give you relief in just a few minutes. Chance are that within your kitchen cabinets is a substance that can take care of your acid reflux or heartburn in a matter of minutes; the substance is plain ole vinegar. When you are dealing with a bout of acid reflux or heartburn, take a good tablespoon of vinegar and see if it does not end your reflux or heartburn in just a few minutes..

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fox News Calls Election for Obama

According to Fox News it appears that Obama has defeated Mitt Romney for the office of President of the United States. If this is so, I am disgusted and disappointed with my fellow Americans that voted for 4 more years of Obama. Sorry for being so critical but I do not see how anybody who loves our country and is in their right state of mind could pull the lever for Obama. Based on his record and policies it seems unreal that the majority of my fellow countrymen want him back in office. The only reason I can think of for people voting for Obama is that they simply were not thinking or they let the liberal media, democratic party and the celebrity elite do their thinking for them. When you think of the things he has done such as Obama-care, a health care policy that was forced upon the American people, his energy policy that has blocked projects such as the Keystone pipeline that would help us to be less dependent on foreign oil, the failure to pass a budget in 4 years, and his foreign policy including the latest boondoggle in Libya it is hard to understand why so many wanted to keep him around Washington. This just scratches the surface of Obama's ways that seem to be taking America the wrong direction

However, like I shared in church Sunday, " A nation does not rise and fall on one man." While we may not be happy that Obama won, God is still God. Our hope is in Him, God Almighty trumps any man or woman in power. God will decide the fate of our great nation, not Barack Obama. I believe that God's people should pray and confess our sins and beg God to be merciful to America, maybe it is not too late. It could be that God allowed Obama to get elected to cause His children to cry out to Him. We should have been praying already, but now more than ever we need to be praying and not forget to pray for Obama that God would give him wisdom to lead our nation.

Getting Ready for Ben Kiker's Tri-State Karate Tournament

I went to Ben Kiker's United Karate Studios in Ellijay, Georgia tonight in preparation for the Tri-State Karate Tournament that will be held Saturday in Ellijay. I do not know how beneficial this workout/sparring session was for only that it made me realize how unprepared I am to compete Saturday.

The workout was a great workout as usual (Ben's workouts always are), however, I was not in great form. I made through the kicking drills as best I could for my non-flexible almost 50 year old self but really struggled during the sparring. For some reason I was under the delusion that my fighting had really improved, the United Karate students in Ellijay showed me I was not doing near as good as I thought I was. I have one more day of sparring before Saturday with Dan Haymore and his students at the United Karate Studios in Blue Ridge before Saturdays tournament in Ellijay Ga.

I will be fighting in the heavyweight senior men division, which ranges between 40 to 49 yrs old, at 49 I am at the older end of the age group. I will be at the age disadvantage but I plan on doing my best and trusting God with the outcome. I just pray we have a safe competition and that whether I win or lose may God be glorified.