Saturday, December 15, 2012

Native lamentation

He stood like a bronze statue in the evening sun.

Time etched lines crisscrosses his leathery  tan face.

Looking out over the prairie his mind wondered back to days gone by when buffaloes roamed these tattered plains now shredded by the black tar and asphalt of white man's progress.

Liquid dark eyes released streams down the creases on his face filling them like canals carrying the heart ache and heart break of a way of life and a people trampled like the prairie sod beat down by the hoofs of the buffalo herds that once filled his stolen homeland.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Copper Basin Emergency Room Fees

I posted sometime back about Copper Basin Medical Center's Emergency room fees and ER physician fee being around $500, however, I discovered that I was wrong. The bill for emergency room services my daughter received was closer to the $700 range. In my opinion this is fee is a little high but that is health care cost in general in our free market society. Even though Copper Basin Medical Centers emergency room fees are quite steep, their fees appear to be lower than Fannin Regional Hospital. Therefore, if you are looking for the lowest priced emergency room in the Blue Ridge, Ga. area Copper Basin Medical Center is your best bet. They also have a very friendly staff that worked my daughter in very quick.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Demdaco Willow Tree "Promise" figurine Unopened in box

View item:

Susan Lordi Willow Tree "Promise"
 Check out this Susan Lordi figurine on ebay. The Willow Tree "Promise" figurine shows the intimacy between a man and a woman. Aptly titled "Promise" this Susan Lordi work shows a man and women in a tender embrace reminding us of a promise to love pledged by two soul mates. This Willow Tree figurine auction starts at only $22 and cam be purchased now for $30.

Willow Tree Together Figurine | eBay

Willow Tree Together Figurine | eBay

The  Willow Tree "Together Figurine"is a beautiful sculptured collectible that shows the intimacy and love shared between a man and a woman. This Willow Tree collectible as a gift can be used for young and old couples alike. Willow Tree "Together" for a young couple could symbolize that special closeness when love is confirmed yet is still budding. For an older couple this Willow Tree collectible can represent the love and intimacy that grows with time.

Willow Tree collectible figurines are faceless and timeless statues that capture the tender moments of love and intimacy within relationships.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ebay Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you racking your brain for Christmas gift ideas? Dreading getting out and fighting the crowds at Walmart or the local mall? You may want to consider doing your Christmas shopping online.

Gifts on ebay

Ebay is one of the sites that have a wide variety of items you may wish to purchase for those on your nice or perhaps even your naughty lists.In the electronic section there is a vast array of new and used gadgets for sale on ebay. For instance, if you are looking for a tablet PC, there are PC tablets of all sizes and price ranges listed on eBay as auction, fixed price or both. Some of the tablet PC have a pretty hefty price tag, however there are some such as the Enmatic Genesis that s is available well under the $100 mark. 
This Enmatic Genesis tablet PC is equipped with a built-In front Camera, expandable memory, kobo reading ap, office suite for viewing doc and an emusic card. The bidding for this tablet PC begins at $78 and has a buy-now price of $86. This PC tablet could be a great starter tablet to give as a Christmas gift, 

In addition to tablet PC's, there are gifts for the gamer on ebay. If you are not able to pay the price for a new gaming system or new games, there are used systems and games available on ebay, One ebay seller is got used games, a Wii system and a Gameboy advance for sale. These items could bring a smile to a child's face without costing you a fortune. 

PC Tablet, Wii, Video Games and GameBoy

These new and electronic items may be what you are looking for to round out your Christmas shopping. Go to ebay by clicking on the links and take a closer look at the afore mentioned items or take the time to browse the ebay site. You just might find that special gift you have been searching for this Christmas season.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ematic Genesis Tablet

Generic Computer Tablets

There are a lot of different brands of computer tablets available this Christmas shopping season. It would be awesome to be able to give Apple iPads* away as Christmas gifts, but unless you have a lot of extra money on hand that would be an impractical gift.

Low Priced PC Tablets

However, with all the smaller off-brand 7" PC tablets on the market, a low-priced PC tablet computer for under $100 might be a neat gift within your price range.  Some of the smaller generic PC tablets have e-readers, built-in web cams, music and video players,Wi-Fi and allow users to surf the web, check e-mail. watch movies, and view documents. Now buyers should be forewarned that a smaller off brand tablet computer will not have the functionality of an iPad but on a positive note, this type of tablet computer can be purchased for under a $100, which in my humble opinion is not too bad of a price for a touch screen tablet PC. I personally own a Kindle Fire*, but if I did not have a Kindle I would consider giving one of these generic PC tablets priced under $100 a try.

*Apple iPad is a trademark of Apple.
*Kindle Fire is a trademark of Amazon.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Onyx Black with 2 Games 045496713867 | eBay

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Onyx Black with 2 Games 045496713867 | eBay

I am not too much on video games but my children really enjoy playing them. My son is trying to sell his gameboy advance on ebay. If you would like one of these portable, handheld video game systemse, please visit the listing on ebay, he would greatly appreciate it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

OTC Relief for Acid Reflux

There is an easy treatment for acid reflux that can give you relief in just a few minutes. Chance are that within your kitchen cabinets is a substance that can take care of your acid reflux or heartburn in a matter of minutes; the substance is plain ole vinegar. When you are dealing with a bout of acid reflux or heartburn, take a good tablespoon of vinegar and see if it does not end your reflux or heartburn in just a few minutes..

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fox News Calls Election for Obama

According to Fox News it appears that Obama has defeated Mitt Romney for the office of President of the United States. If this is so, I am disgusted and disappointed with my fellow Americans that voted for 4 more years of Obama. Sorry for being so critical but I do not see how anybody who loves our country and is in their right state of mind could pull the lever for Obama. Based on his record and policies it seems unreal that the majority of my fellow countrymen want him back in office. The only reason I can think of for people voting for Obama is that they simply were not thinking or they let the liberal media, democratic party and the celebrity elite do their thinking for them. When you think of the things he has done such as Obama-care, a health care policy that was forced upon the American people, his energy policy that has blocked projects such as the Keystone pipeline that would help us to be less dependent on foreign oil, the failure to pass a budget in 4 years, and his foreign policy including the latest boondoggle in Libya it is hard to understand why so many wanted to keep him around Washington. This just scratches the surface of Obama's ways that seem to be taking America the wrong direction

However, like I shared in church Sunday, " A nation does not rise and fall on one man." While we may not be happy that Obama won, God is still God. Our hope is in Him, God Almighty trumps any man or woman in power. God will decide the fate of our great nation, not Barack Obama. I believe that God's people should pray and confess our sins and beg God to be merciful to America, maybe it is not too late. It could be that God allowed Obama to get elected to cause His children to cry out to Him. We should have been praying already, but now more than ever we need to be praying and not forget to pray for Obama that God would give him wisdom to lead our nation.

Getting Ready for Ben Kiker's Tri-State Karate Tournament

I went to Ben Kiker's United Karate Studios in Ellijay, Georgia tonight in preparation for the Tri-State Karate Tournament that will be held Saturday in Ellijay. I do not know how beneficial this workout/sparring session was for only that it made me realize how unprepared I am to compete Saturday.

The workout was a great workout as usual (Ben's workouts always are), however, I was not in great form. I made through the kicking drills as best I could for my non-flexible almost 50 year old self but really struggled during the sparring. For some reason I was under the delusion that my fighting had really improved, the United Karate students in Ellijay showed me I was not doing near as good as I thought I was. I have one more day of sparring before Saturday with Dan Haymore and his students at the United Karate Studios in Blue Ridge before Saturdays tournament in Ellijay Ga.

I will be fighting in the heavyweight senior men division, which ranges between 40 to 49 yrs old, at 49 I am at the older end of the age group. I will be at the age disadvantage but I plan on doing my best and trusting God with the outcome. I just pray we have a safe competition and that whether I win or lose may God be glorified.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Dormant Flower

In the flowerbed, surrounded by weeds
Seemingly unnoticed, the poor heart bleeds
A world of color and beauty locked up inside
While shriveling in darkness and dreams denied

Longing for the sunlight 'slive giving rays
To free the prisoner from the stifling malaise
To break the chains of the stone cold tomb
And let the dormant flower bring forth its bloom

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

City Rain

Sheets of water poured from the hovering grey canvas

That was stretched across the dome of sky

Misty, foggy air hung like a watery veil

Over the city streets and monolithic skyscrapers

That spiraled upward towards the heavens, whose tops were lost in the vaporous mist

The rain, the rain, the rain, shrouding my city in her liquid clothes

Dampening her heart and soul, entrancing her into a soothing melancholy trance

As the rain drops tap out the rhythm to the rainy melody sang from my misty saturated city

Inebriated, yet liberated by the liquor from above

Pour down on me, run down these streets

Saturate me fully, quench this heat

Wash away yesterday’s filth

Cleanse me once again

Pour down on me, oh precious rain.
Sticky slathering of air pressing against body longing for a cool breeze of refreshment on steamy August night.

The heat of the night is joined by the fire burning within my soul, the fire of confusion, dreams unfulfilled, promises broken and the haunting realization of time slipping away.

Basking in my hot room, feeling like I am burning down from without and within, I am reminded of another fire, an ancient fire from the far reaches of eternity.

The consuming fire of the Creator God

A fire that some have tried to quench

Still it burns

A fire that consumes and cleanses the receptive souls

Yet a fire that devours those who want no part of it

Sitting in the heat, my body begging for cool relief

My soul burning down

I am waiting for the fire of God to ignite my heart with the consuming flame of His Spirit
City Rain

Sheets of water poured from the hovering grey canvas

That was stretched across the dome of sky

Misty, foggy air hung like a watery veil

Over the city streets and monolithic skyscrapers

That spiraled upward towards the heavens, whose tops were lost in the vaporous mist

The rain, the rain, the rain, shrouding my city in her liquid clothes

Dampening her heart and soul, entrancing her into a soothing melancholy trance

As the rain drops tap out the rhythm to the rainy melody sang from my misty saturated city

Inebriated, yet liberated by the liquor from above

Pour down on me, run down these streets

Saturate me fully, quench this heat

Wash away yesterday’s filth

Cleanse me once again

Pour down on me, oh precious rain.
Sticky slathering of air pressing against body longing for a cool breeze of refreshment on steamy August night.

The heat of the night is joined by the fire burning within my soul, the fire of confusion, dreams unfulfilled, promises broken and the haunting realization of time slipping away.

Basking in my hot room, feeling like I am burning down from without and within, I am reminded of another fire, an ancient fire from the far reaches of eternity.

The consuming fire of the Creator God

A fire that some have tried to quench

Still it burns

A fire that consumes and cleanses the receptive souls

Yet a fire that devours those who want no part of it

Sitting in the heat, my body begging for cool relief

My soul burning down

I am waiting for the fire of God to ignite my heart with the consuming flame of His Spirit

Saturday, October 20, 2012

How to Make a Mermaid Tail Fin

Fresh Water Mermaid Tale(fiction)

Mermaids on Blue Ridge Lake

The Beginning

Jim eased his 10 ft john boat into the greenish-blue water of Blue Ridge lake, ready for a full night of fishing. It was around 10:15 when he put in at the Green Creek boat launch on Dry Branch road. The unusually warm spring air and the hollering of the storm frogs lightened Jim's heart and brought a smile to his dark leathery face, a face that had years of exposure to the sun as he spent his summers fishing Blue Ridge lake and other bodies of water close by.

Moving his boat out into the middle of the channel, Jim tossed out his line and kicked back in his boat, enjoying the sounds of the spring night, the splash of a fish surfacing, the croak of a bull frog in the distance and the sound of girls singing somewhere out on the water. At first Jim dismissed this as crickets chirping in harmony, but soon realized that this was female voices singing a beautiful song that made him cry and laugh at the same time. Soon Jim was reeling in his line and cranking up his trolling motor, he had to find the source of the singing. Jim was being drawn towards the singing, he was under the spell of the water borne melody whose melodic notes hovered just above the surface of the lake and filled the night air with mesmerising strains and notes like nothing Jim had ever heard.........

Jim slowly eased his boat toward the sound of the voices, not having a clue as to what to expect, only knowing that he wanted to find the source of beautiful melody  floating on the light mist above the cool lake waters. By the sound of the singing, Jim envisioned a choir of beautiful young ladies that perhaps were out on a boat or maybe over on the shore close at hand. In order to see the source of the singing, Jim turned on the spotlight on the front of his boat. To his surprise, in the water out in front of the boat were a group of girls treading water, singing in unison.

Jim was perplexed as he stared into their fire-red eyes that were all fixed on him. The singing stopped, followed by cachophony of school girl giggles as Jim stopped his boat a few feet away from watery choir.

"What you girls doing out here in the middle of the lake this time of night?"

Jim's question brought more giggles but no answer. "Well, what are y'all doing out here in the water?"
Jim had come across some strange things out on Blue Ridge Lake but this beat them all.

One of the girls stopped giggling long enough to give an answer."We have come to the top water to dance on the moon beams, like this." With that, she flipped backward into the green water, surfacing a few moments later into moonlight that lay across the lake. She came totally out of the water and was moving across the silvery moonlight bathed water in a rhythmic dance. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful thought Jim as he watched her glide across the surface of the lake. Her long green/gold hair cascaded over sleek shoulders and ended at the small of her back and in the front framed  a bathing suit top that glimmered like fish scales in the moonlight that upheld her small but well-formed breasts. Below her waist it appeared to Jim that she was wearing a tight body-hugging gown made out of the same material as her top that tapered in tight at the bottom. Jim was so taken by the girl's beauty and her movement on the top of the water that he did not notice that what he thought was a gown ended in a mono-fin or fluke.

After a few cheers and giggles from her companions in the water, the fluke tailed girl ended her water dance by going from her dance on the surface into a beautiful dive that barely made a ripple in the water. Her comapnions leaped out of the water like a dolphin at Sea World and dove head first into the depths of Blue Ridge Lake. Jim noticed that they all had outfits that had flukes at the bottom. Jim rubbed his eyes, thought for a few minutes about why a bunch of girls would hang out in the lake at night wearing outfits that had a fin at the bottom, and then cast his fishing line out into the water.

Check back later for more.

How to Make a Mono-fin

Do you like mermaids? Have you ever thought about making your own mermaid tail? One of the key parts of a mermaid tail the fin at the bottom, or what we will refer to as the Mono-fin. Making your own mono-fin is easy and inexpensive,

Things you will need are…




Duck tape

Slippers or crocks

1. Cut the plastic into to parts and put the slippers in the position you want them in.

2. Staple the ends right next to the slippers and cut into the shape of a fin.

3. Take extra pieces of plastic and apply duck tape to form the heel. Connect the heelpiece to the mono-fin and make sure it is secure.

4. Take the slippers out of the fin and put your feet into it and make sure it fits. If it is too loose or does not fit, staple or duck tape sections together and see if that helps.

Warning: Swimming with a mono-fin can be dangerous. Always have adult supervision when using mono-fin and do not attempt swimming with mono-fin unless you are an avid swimmer. A DIY mono-fin may not be as good for swimming as one that is manufactured for swimming. Home-made mono-fins are most suitable for dressing up as a mermaid and not a replacement for manufactured mono-fins made for swimming.

IN and Around Blue Ridge, Georgia

Good Hamburgers in Blue Ridge, Ga

If you are looking for a good hamburger in Blue Ridge, Ga,, check out the Village Restaurant  in the Valley Village parking lot next to Fannin Lanes Bowling Alley. If it is a big fat hamburger you are desiring, they have a half-pound burger known as the Robert Burger. I love hamburgers and I have to rate this burger as above average for eating establishments in the Blue Ridge area or any place for that matter. The price for the Village Restaurant's half-pound burger was very reasonable. I got the half-pound burger and fries and a soft drink for under $10 which I considered a good deal for the quality of the food.

Visiting Blue Ridge and craving a hamburger, go to the Village Restaurant on old Hwy 76 next to Fannin Lanes in the old Valley Village parking lot and ask for the Robert Burger.


Things to Do in Blue Ridge, Georgia

So you have decided to spend a few days in the quaint little town of Blue Ridge, Ga., a town nestled in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains, and you are wondering how you are going to spend your time. Dependent upon your likes and dislikes there several different activities that you may choose.
  1. Take a stroll down the old Downtown District of Blue Ridge. Being a native of the Blue Ridge area, this is something that I personally probably would not choose, but every weekend the Downtown area is full of people who seem to be enjoying themselves. There are numerous shops, eateries, and even a gem mining and miniature golf place. Some of the eateries have bars with karaoke and live music.
  2. Ride the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. During certain times of the year you can take a train that takes you to the twin cities of McCaysville, Georgia and Copperhill, Tennessee. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway follows the Toccoa River on the rails that have run beside the river for decades.
  3. Go tubing down the Toccoa River. There are a few different outfits that offer tubes and shuttle services for tubing down the Toccoa River.
  4. Enjoy the Lake. Blue Ridge Lake is just a few miles from Blue Ridge and has swimming areas, boat launch sites and a marina. Blue Ridge Lake is also suitable for fishing.
  5. Hike the trails. There are many trails to hike in the mountains surrounding Blue Ridge. You can hike part of the famous Appalachian Trail, Benton-MacKaye Trail along with other lesser known trails.
  6. Trout Fishing. There are many trout streams in close proximity to Blue Ridge, Georgia. Some of the streams are stocked with trout and others are teeming with native trout.
This is not a comprehensive list of things to do in Blue Ridge but is a good starting point if you are visiting our area for the first time. Have a good time and enjoy your stay in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Olive Oil Store in Downtown Blue Ridge

I drove down main street in Blue Ridge the other day and seen a store an unique store, the Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company. That was a new one on me, an Olive Oil Company in Downtown Blue Ridge, Ga. When I was a kid growing up in Blue Ridge, Ga main street was the place we went to shop for clothes, shoes, guns, ammo, haircuts, oil changes, insurance, jewelry, and everyday needs and wants. Now you go to downtown Blue Ridge to get your fill of Olive Oil. My how things have changed.


Best Priced Emergency Room in Blue Ridge. Ga Area

I posted a while back about the high price of an emergency room visit my wife made earlier this year at Fannin Regional Hospital. The cost of the visit was $982, I thought a bit expensive for just looking at my wife and saying she was okay, no x-rays, lab-work or anything invasive, just got looked at by an ER doctor. Now compare the price that Fannin Regional charged with an emergency room visit at the Copper Basin Medical Center; I took my daughter a few weeks ago to the ER at the Copper Basin Medical Center and they charged me under $500. 

Unlike the visit my wife made to Fannin Regional, the nurses and doctors done for my little girl than just look at her, they had to perform a routine procedure that kept us at the hospital for over an hour. Even after the procedure and dose of medicine they gave my daughter the bill was around half the cost of Fannin's Emergency room charges. Why the price difference? I don't know, maybe Fannin Regional has a good answer. 

If you have to use a hospital's emergency room and it is not a life and death situation I highly recommend Copper Basin Medical Center. Even if it is life or death you might do just as well at Copper Basin, who knows. Besides being lower in price, the staff and doctor we seen at Copper Basin Medical Center were very nice and prompt.

Looking for a hospital in the Blue Ridge, area, you should give Copper Basin Medical Center some strong consideration. 

Copper Basin Medical Center is located on Hwy 68, outside of Copperhill, Tennessee right before you get to Ducktown.  

Walmart Coming to Blue Ridge, Ga

I am not much into spreading rumors but I heard from what I consider to be a reliable source that Walmart is coming to Blue Ridge, Ga. Walmart could be a real blessings to many of the people in the Blue Ridge area. Walmart could benefit the area through lower prices on consumer goods and by providing additional jobs for the area. Walmart may also attract more businesses to Blue Ridge, Ga, which will mean more jobs added. Some folks criticize Walmart, but in my opinion Walmart is great for the common man. In these tough economic times the common man can use all the help he can get.

Surrender at Morganton Music Park

The Christian rock band Surrender ministered at the Morganton Music Park on Sunday night, Oct 28. The Christian band comprised primarily by Ricky and Randy Beach ministered to the audience through rocking rhythms and inspired lyrics spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Making Christian music is nothing new to the Beach brothers who have been playing Christian rock music for at least two decades if not three. Randy Beach is one of the finest, if not the best guitarist in the Blue Ridge area and his brother Ricky does a fine job on the bass as well.

The group played some original compositions as well as covers of popular contemporary Christian songs. What I liked best about their performance tonight was that the performance did not seem to be about them but about Jesus, I believe they sincerely tried to lift high the name of Jesus. That is what matters the most.

In my opinion, Surrender is a professional grade Christian rock band that is not just making good music but is seeking to honor our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.


Delayed Trout Fishing for Georgia

The Toccoa river is included in the delayed trout fishing that runs between November 1 and May 14. If you can brave the cold water, this could be a great time to fish the Toccoa river and try your hand at trout fishing.

Source: the telegraph


Harvest Sale in Blue Ridge, Ga

The annual Mountain Harvest sale at the Farmers Market will take place again this coming weekend. The annual festival will be on Satuday, October 27 and Sunday October 26. This event is held at the Blue Ridge Famers Market off old Hwy 76 next to the Swan Drive in theatre. Free parking.


Autumn Leaves in Blue Ridge, Ga

The Autumn leaves are beautiful in Blue Ridge, Ga and the surrounding areas. The leaves are absolutely gorgeous as you drive up the 515 corridor that passes through Jasper, Ellijay, Blue Ridge and on up passed Blairsville, Georgia.

The leaves are pretty between Jasper and Ellijay in the White Stone area but they will knock you out as you travel 515 North towards Blue Ridge, Ga. Once you get this far north you can just take your pick of any number of side roads to take to enjoy looking at the fall colors. The north Georgia leaves are really a feast for the eyes and we should all thank God for such a beautiful creation that He has provided for His children to dwell in.

I was in North Carolina today and the leaves near Murphy, NC are equally as beautiful as well. Murphy is just a short distance from Blue Ridge, Ga.

If you are wanting to enjoy the leaves of  the Blue Ridge, Georgia area, I would not procrastiante, there will probably be only a few more weeks before the leaves begin to fade and lose their lustre and drop from the trees. Here are a few pictures I took recently of the leaves around my house and in North Carolina.

Used Saxophone eBay Bundy Tenor sax

Dust Cloud Over Blue Ridge Area

Yesterday did not look like your typical fall day in Blue Ridge, Ga, instead it looked like one of the hazy days of summer. The sky was not blue; it was almost white and the mountains off in the distance where shrouded in a white haze. Friday had a surreal feeling as the haze was an eerie white that reminded me of the sky in one of those science fiction movies where the world was about to be obliterated by a solar flare or a huge asteroid. Come to find out it was just a huge dust cloud that had drifted into the area.

Saturday, September 29, 2012







This Coming Sunday --

Set Your DVR for the Fox News channel at 9:00 PM Eastern. Maybe this is why the White House has been discounting FOX.

Sounds like this could be history in the making someone may go down - either Obama or Fox News. It may be that Fox has been holding this information back due to the sensitivity of it and out of courtesy. But, Obama has taken on Fox and it appears they are ready to spill the ugly beans of truth about the background of this individual who has had an extremely radical past. This Sunday, Fox News is going to air a very important documentary about Barack Obama, Sunday night at 9P.M. Eastern.

The report will go back to Obama's earlier days, showing even then his close ties to radical Marxist professors, friends, spiritual advisers, etc.

It will also reveal details about his ties to Rev. Wright for 20+ years, i.e., how he was participating with this man and not for the reasons he stated.

The report has uncovered more of Obama's radical past and we will see things that no one in the media is willing to put out there. It will be a segment to remember.

Mark your calendar and pass this on to everyone you know: Sunday night, 8 PM CT; 9 PM ET.

Democrat or Republican, this report will open your eyes to how YOUR country is being sold down the road to Totalitarian Socialism.

If you care about the direction of our country, pass this notice on to everyone you


Landscaping at United Community Bank in Blue Ridge, Ga

Outside of the main branch of United Community Bank is one of the most beautiful displays of flowers that I have seen. As I visited the branch this morning I took a few pictures of the arrangement. One of the workers of United Community bank said that Anthony Holloway was responsible for the awesome floral arrangement,

Kudos to United Community Bank in Blue Ridge and Anthony Holloway for the outside landscaping work around the bank. Just another way of making and keeping Blue Ridge, Ga beautiful.

Fall Leaves Starting to Change Color Blue Ridge, Ga

This past week the leaves in the Blue Ridge area have began their transformation from the green of Spring and Summer to the kaliedoscope shades of Autumn. Over the next few weeks the leaves will continue to change colors till they peak in mid to late October.

The leaves in Blue Ridge, Georgia and the surrounding area are really beutiful this time of year and you do not have to go way back into the mountains to their beauty, The leaves in the outlying and residential areas of Blue Ridge rival the colors of the leaves in the mountains, however, being a native resident of Fannin County I enjoy taking treks through the surrounding mountains.

I captured a few pictures today of the changing leaves posted below, I hope to post more in the coming weeks.
Downtown Blue Ridge




Nike Outlet Online

Did you know Nike's* are available online through Nike Online Outlet. You can purchase shoes made from the famous footwear manufacturer from the comfort of your home. Shop the and compare prices from the Nike Outlet site and you may be able to save money on your Nike purchase.

You may have concerns about buying shoes online such as: what if the shoes don't fit, defective or you are not satisfied with the product. According to the Outlet site, they are committed to your satisfaction and have a 14 day return policy.

The price of gas and the hassle of going to the mall or physical location makes shopping for your Nike shoes online an attractive option. Additionally, you may save yourself some money through shopping from a Nike Outlet as opposed to other retailers.

If you are in the market for some Nike shoes or just for some new shoes in general visit the Nike Online, remember, looking is free and you may find a great deal on a nice pair of Nike's.

Nike is a registered trademark of Nike.*

Friday, September 28, 2012

Rhododendron Trail at Ocoee White Water Center

Trails to Walk Near Blue Ridge, Georgia

Trails to Walk Near Copperhill, Tennessee

Things to Do in the Blue Ridge Area


Last Sunday, the family and I enjoyed a picnic and a hike down on the Ocoee River. We accessed the river via Hwy 64 at the Ocoee White Water center. After eating our lunch and walking on the rocks in the middle of the river we hiked the Rhododendron Trail.

The Rhododendron Trail follows the river downstream on the far side of the river. This trail is a little more than a mile one way and ends at one of the power stations on the river with little grade. The trail is situated between the Cherokee National Forest and the Ocoee River, the forest side of the trail is a steep mountainside with huge boulders overshadowing the trail in places. This walk along the Ocoee is a non-strenuous, peaceful trek through beautiful peaceful surroundings. The Ocoee along the trail has some of the clearest, pristine looking pools I have noticed on the river. As I walked the trail I took a few pictures with my ipod of some of the scenery along the way.

The Ocoee White Water Center is in Polk County, Tennessee flows beside Hwy 64. From Chattanooga, you can access Hwy 64 from Cleveland Tennessee; from the Atlanta area, take I-575 north to 515, turn right onto Hwy 5 North at 3rd red-light in Blue Ridge, Ga. Follow Hwy 5 until it dead ends at Hwy 68 in Copperhill, Tennessee and go left on 68 to Ducktown. In Ducktown, take 64 West to the White Water Center, which will be on your left a few miles down the road; you can’t miss it.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Great Electronic Device

I am really enjoying my Kindle Fire*. There are so many things you can do with this Kindle device. Aside from being a great e-reader, with the Kindle Fire; you can watch movies, surf the web, email, download great aps, use as a word processor or listen to your favorite music. The price on the Kindle Fire has came down as the new Kindle Fire HD is coming out, maybe one day I will upgrade. I use my Kindle Fire for studying the Bible and I also preach from the Bibles I have downloaded on it. The Kindle is also great for preparing the messages I preach. This is my first KIndle and if it has not done anything else for me it has got me back to reading. *Kindle and Kindle Fire are trademarks of Amazon.

Fall Foliage in the Blue Ridge,Ga Area

I took a stroll with my precious daughter today and took some pictures with my Apple iPod touch* of the beautiful fall foliage here in North Georgia. Many came to the Blue Ridge, Georgia area to see the leaves as they change their colors in the Autumn; however, I find the early fall flowers very captivating. The foliage is so beautiful I decided to share it on my blog. So sit back and enjoy the beauty of God's creation in the North Georgia mountains. *Apple and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple.