Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heavy Burden

Bent low beneath the heavy load
Each step produced a fresh grimace of pain
Deep lines and creases criss-crossed a face that showed the ruthless
effects of wind, sun and years.

Eyes fixed hard with determination sparkled
As he struggled with a burden that was his to bear
Those who passed by him felt sorry for the old man struggling along
Oppressed by a cumbersome load.

Step by step he carried his load
Performing his laborious task driven by a purpose
That propelled him onward and filled his weary heart
With a joy and satisfaction that only those who carry the cross will ever know


Charles Miller said...

Duane, You have poeticisms here, yey this poem speaks directly thru them. You've got a powerful message to tell, don't let poetry get in the way.

Duane F said...

Thanks for the comment but I see poetry as getting in the way of the message but a way of conveying the message.

oceangirl said...

I feel the weight of the burden through your poetic words.

Outlawyer said...

This is MANICDDAILY from (I am having to use a defunct blogspot blog. Sorry. )

I'm having a hard time commenting because of blogger/wordpress issues, so this is my third time.

That said, I like that the burdens here seem to apply to many, and not only a Christ figure. The weight is palpable. K.

Brian Miller said...

nice...not only evocative of the burden but also convicting in those that watch him walk by or fail to notice..and his joy as well in it is a nice touch duane....