Saturday, December 15, 2012

Native lamentation

He stood like a bronze statue in the evening sun.

Time etched lines crisscrosses his leathery  tan face.

Looking out over the prairie his mind wondered back to days gone by when buffaloes roamed these tattered plains now shredded by the black tar and asphalt of white man's progress.

Liquid dark eyes released streams down the creases on his face filling them like canals carrying the heart ache and heart break of a way of life and a people trampled like the prairie sod beat down by the hoofs of the buffalo herds that once filled his stolen homeland.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Copper Basin Emergency Room Fees

I posted sometime back about Copper Basin Medical Center's Emergency room fees and ER physician fee being around $500, however, I discovered that I was wrong. The bill for emergency room services my daughter received was closer to the $700 range. In my opinion this is fee is a little high but that is health care cost in general in our free market society. Even though Copper Basin Medical Centers emergency room fees are quite steep, their fees appear to be lower than Fannin Regional Hospital. Therefore, if you are looking for the lowest priced emergency room in the Blue Ridge, Ga. area Copper Basin Medical Center is your best bet. They also have a very friendly staff that worked my daughter in very quick.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Demdaco Willow Tree "Promise" figurine Unopened in box

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Susan Lordi Willow Tree "Promise"
 Check out this Susan Lordi figurine on ebay. The Willow Tree "Promise" figurine shows the intimacy between a man and a woman. Aptly titled "Promise" this Susan Lordi work shows a man and women in a tender embrace reminding us of a promise to love pledged by two soul mates. This Willow Tree figurine auction starts at only $22 and cam be purchased now for $30.

Willow Tree Together Figurine | eBay

Willow Tree Together Figurine | eBay

The  Willow Tree "Together Figurine"is a beautiful sculptured collectible that shows the intimacy and love shared between a man and a woman. This Willow Tree collectible as a gift can be used for young and old couples alike. Willow Tree "Together" for a young couple could symbolize that special closeness when love is confirmed yet is still budding. For an older couple this Willow Tree collectible can represent the love and intimacy that grows with time.

Willow Tree collectible figurines are faceless and timeless statues that capture the tender moments of love and intimacy within relationships.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ebay Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you racking your brain for Christmas gift ideas? Dreading getting out and fighting the crowds at Walmart or the local mall? You may want to consider doing your Christmas shopping online.

Gifts on ebay

Ebay is one of the sites that have a wide variety of items you may wish to purchase for those on your nice or perhaps even your naughty lists.In the electronic section there is a vast array of new and used gadgets for sale on ebay. For instance, if you are looking for a tablet PC, there are PC tablets of all sizes and price ranges listed on eBay as auction, fixed price or both. Some of the tablet PC have a pretty hefty price tag, however there are some such as the Enmatic Genesis that s is available well under the $100 mark. 
This Enmatic Genesis tablet PC is equipped with a built-In front Camera, expandable memory, kobo reading ap, office suite for viewing doc and an emusic card. The bidding for this tablet PC begins at $78 and has a buy-now price of $86. This PC tablet could be a great starter tablet to give as a Christmas gift, 

In addition to tablet PC's, there are gifts for the gamer on ebay. If you are not able to pay the price for a new gaming system or new games, there are used systems and games available on ebay, One ebay seller is got used games, a Wii system and a Gameboy advance for sale. These items could bring a smile to a child's face without costing you a fortune. 

PC Tablet, Wii, Video Games and GameBoy

These new and electronic items may be what you are looking for to round out your Christmas shopping. Go to ebay by clicking on the links and take a closer look at the afore mentioned items or take the time to browse the ebay site. You just might find that special gift you have been searching for this Christmas season.