Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day ,to those who have the day off .As for me ,it will probably be another busy day at the proverbial office so to speak .So for those who get this holiday off ,enjoy it ,make the most of it .Although the end of summer is still three weeks off ,this will seem to be the symbolic end of summer for most folks .But as summer ends ,then fall is following close behind and I think I am looking forward to the change of season ,how bout' you?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Presidential Race

Now that the Democratic convention is over ,it is time for the Republican covention next week .This has been an interesting and an historical race to say the least .Being a staunch Republican I am pulling for McCain of course but in all reality I want what is best for our country which in my opinion would be McCain at the helm .
With the world in the state that it is in ,with Iran pushing forward to have a nuke and Russia becoming an aggressive bear again ,we are in need of a seasoned maverick like McCain to deal with the potential risk posed by our enemies .
I am afraid that having a rookie like Obama as our president would embolden our enemies against us ."But we are safe here in America ,nobody would even dare attack the United States ",you might say. My friend that is a pre 9/11 mentality ,we are living in a different era now .The rules have all changed ,or to better put it ,there is no rules .
Before you pull that lever in November ,thing about a couple of big buildings that fell not too long ago .

Song writing

Have you ever tried to write a song ,have you ever had something that was just burning inside of you to come out .You might say "I could never do anything like that ."Never say never ,you never know till you try .Here is the lyrics to a song I wrote about my wife .Check it out and see what you think about it .

Sittin round today as I often do/ Nothing much to say,just that I'm missing you/Though the sun is shining brightly and the skys a beautiful blue/Still there's a shadow on my soul,cause I been missin you. I feel a little incomplete without you by my side/and I need you here with me like the the moon needs the sky/without you here beside me,my rhythym got the blues/hear the lonely in my voice,cause girl I been missin you.
Chorus:Cause I been missin you,missin you today/ without you here beside me, my whole world it seem so grey/now your my one and only, girl I swear that its the truth /and I want you here beside me cause I been missin you.
Like a morning without a sunrise,like a ship without a sea/like a rainbow without colors like a forest without the trees/thats how I am without you/trying to solve a mystery without a clue/ and I'm feastin here on lonely/cause I been missin you.

Maybe you have a song burning within you ,I say let it out .

Health Issues

Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome is a sickness that affects the lower intestine . It is for the most part known for its symptoms that are often intensified by an onslaught of emotional stress. The main symptoms involve abdominal pain accompanied by constipation taking turns with diarrhea . Irritable bowel syndrome also known as IBS as we will call it in the rest of the article can happen among any age group and is very common . Now we will take a more detailed look at the symptoms of IBS . We will look at what I believe to be the five main symptoms of IBS ,the five symptoms that mark the illness as well as the most debilitating .
1 .Problems with bowel movements , recurring diarrhea and also recurring constipation that is most of the time with pain . This can really wreak havoc with your bathroom habits .
2 .The stomach has a feeling of fullness .There can be bloating and gas .
3 .Pain in the abdomen or tenderness after eating which is relieved by having a bowel movement . This pain is at irregular intervals . This could really hurt your eating habits ,knowing that this could happen at every meal .
4.The stomach can get distended .
5 .Being nauseated and throwing up .
These are five of the main symptoms of IBS that can really hamper a persons life and make a persons life kind of miserable . Other symptoms of IBS include a loss of ones appetite , emotional distress and depression .
It is clear from this list of symptoms that irritable bowel syndrome is something that can be very unpleasant to deal with . This illness is for a lot of people a life long malady that they have to learn to live with .But there are treatment options for relieving the symptoms of IBS for those that have been afflicted with this terrible illness . So if you are one of the ones that are affected with irritable bowel or after reading this you realize that you may very well have IBS , then talk to your doctor ,do your research , weigh out your options for treatment for your IBS and know that you are not alone . There are a lot of people that suffer from this awful disorder .


Spotlight on Relationships

Honesty is The #1 Key For a Good Relationship
Relationships,the crux of our life's are comprised of relationships.Yet sometimes it is the one thing that we neglect or fail to give our most urgent attention to.The truth of the matter is that we as people were created to live in community with other people,we were meant by our Creator to have(I believe)good relationships with our fellow human beings with whom we share this planet.If you study the teachings of Christ Jesus you will find that He taught extensively about relationships.He spoke of our relationship with God and our relationships with each other.He knew that life was not made up of material things or the trapping of this world that alludes to our selfish nature,but that life was made up of relationships.
In speaking about relationships I think it should be pointed out,what exactly makes for a good relationship?There are numerous things I could point out and I am sure that there are many varied opinions on what makes for good relationships,but I like to speak briefly about what very well could be the most important part of any healthy thriving relationship.That thing I believe to be most important is honesty.Simple,yet such a powerful concept when coupled with love.
Honesty,the word rolls so smoothly off our lips doesn't it.Most of us consider ourselves no doubt as honest people don't we?But are we really honest?Are we honest with ourselves?Are we honest with God?Are we truly honest with others?These are questions that we should ask ourselves and strive to answer honestly.Let us break down the process into steps so we can embrace this concept in a way that will benefit ourselves and also the people in our lives.
1.Honest with ourselves.Honesty begins with me,I have to be honest about myself,about who I am,what I am,how I act,how I feel and how am I relating to God and to my fellow man.THat can be painful at times but it is a pain that can bring healing into our lives.If I will come clean with myself about all my personal issues as well as public issues than I can begin to move forward if I so desire.Just being presented with the truth in itself is not enough,I must act in accordance with the revealed truth for it to benefit me.
2.Honest with God.A person has to come to a place where that they are honest with God.You might as well be honest with Him,for there is no way that you are going to pull the wool over His eyes.Now I don't believe anybody in their right mind would deliberately lie to God but I believe that it is possible to do it in a willful sub-conscious way if that makes any sense.But if we take the first step of practicing honesty with ourselves than honesty with God will come much easier.
3.Honest with others.Now this is what should follow if we have come clean with ourselves and come clean with God,and it does to an extent.But sometimes even at our best we are still tempted not to be honest with our fellow man.It is not always the easiest thing to do.Fear is the great enemy that creeps in and tries to rob us of our integrity in our relationships,fear of what others might think or do if we are truthful with them.If we allow this fear to keep us from being honest,then our relationships will never be what they ought to be.Our relationships will never be the deep,beneficial,intimate relationships that could truly enrich our lives and bring honor to our Maker.


Home and Garden

Transform Your Ordinary Yard Into an Extraordinary Yard

So you think that you have the perfect yard ,the yard that would win first prize in any contest and is the envy of your neighbors .Maybe your grass and flowers are finely manicured and there is not even the hint of a weed anywhere on the premises .But even though you’re yard is finely manicured , free of weeds and is in what most would call perfect , you find that your yard is still lacking something .That something could very well be a pergola .
A pergola can make picture perfect yard into an extraordinary yard .Pergolas add character to yards ,they make an otherwise dull yard into something that is intriguing and inviting .A pergola can transform your perfect ,sterile looking yard into a place that draws you in and calls out to you ,come on in and check me out .


Spiritual Corner

To Hear His Voice
Hebrews 3:15;While it is said, To day if ye will hear His voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation.To hear the voice of our creator,to have His words of divine grace fall upon our listening ears.Or do we have listening ears that would hear His sweet voice? If we would but listen we would hear Him say I love you.My precious son took your punishment on the cross of calvary,embrace Him as Lord and Saviour and live. We would hear Him say,I have a plan and a purpose for your life.That plan and purpose is to be an active part of my everlasting kingdom,to work with Me in its upbuilding and share in its benefits.And He would say My grace is sufficent,I knew you before you were born and I know all about you.Your weaknesses and strenghs, your high points and low points,and I still want you to be apart of my kingdom and spend eternity with Me. Wow,to hear His voice and respond.What an invitation from the King of Glory.Have you heard His voice today?listen to His voice from the pages of God's word.His words are spirit and life.For more spiritual writings check out my blog.


Healthy Tip

The Benefits of Weight Training
So you have decided that you want to be physically fit and you are weighing out the options about what kind of exercise program that you are going to employ to reach you goal of being fit .Why not consider weight training ,using the resistance of weights against your muscles to work them out and cause them to grow . Weight training is an excellent regimen to add to your fitness endeavors . Used in combination with a good aerobic routine , it can generate results that not only make you feel better but also look better while helping you to reach your physical fitness goals .
As you begin a weight training program ,you are going to see not only an increase in your muscle strength but also an increase in the size and shape of your muscles . You might ask the question , what does having bigger , better looking muscles have to do with being healthy ? Well first off ,if you are in need of shedding a few pounds of fat then having bigger muscles is a good thing for you . The thing is ,the more muscle that you have in your body , the more calories your body will burn off . This means that those pounds are going to come off a lot faster , that is if you are incorporating a proper diet along with the weight training that you are doing . One thing to note however is ,that muscle weighs more than fat ,so you may not see a dramatic drop in pounds but you should notice a change in your overall size as the fat melts away and is replaced by muscle .
Another good benefit of weight training is ,that you are building a support system for your joints and bones . Having stronger muscles is going to help support your skeletal system and could also protect your internal organs .think of a boxer ,all the shots he takes to his abdomen .There is a reason that he trains to have washboard abs . Now you never step into a boxing ring ,but you never know what might get thrown at us as we go through this life . So it would not hurt to have a little extra natural support and natural armor for our bodies .
I am sure that there are many ,many other benefits to weight training , such as you look better , more confidence ,better performance at physical tasks and so on . But you will never enjoy any of these benefits unless you get started weight training .So what are you waiting for ,lets get to pumping iron !


Are we Really Going Through Bad Times

You hear a lot of people deriding President Bush ,saying that he has shipwrecked our economy and that we are seeing one of the worst economys that we as Americans have seen in a long time .But do you really buy that ? Are things as bad as some in the media portray it ?Sure we are maybe in a downward cycle ,but look at the standard of living compared to people around the world also compared to 40 years ago .Even some who are in the lower middle class live in the lap of luxury .I think we have been duped into thinking that we are entitled to luxuries that we believe to be necessities .So maybe things are not how we would like them to be ,but maybe they are not as bad as some would have us to believe they are .


Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Goes with a Woman

It came as a big surprise to us today ,but should we really be surprised at John McCain's picking of a woman for his running mate .A good political move some might say ,or is there some real substance to his decision he has made .I would like to think the latter but I am afraid that this is just another political ploy to win the office of presidency .Who knows ,maybe this young lady from Alaska might be what Washington needs .Somebody that comes far from Washington not contaminated with the disease known as Washington politics-itus .One can only hope .

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Inflation on the Horizon ?

With the report of the CPI index higher on Thursday some would say that inflation is going to drive stocks south .I would like to take an optomist view and say that what we are seeing in the CPI index could be the result of the record high energy prices that have now started trending lower . If oil continues trending lower and we can see some stability in the housing market as well as in financials ,maybe the bull could have another run going into 09 . Of course I really don't have a clue about where the stock market or the economy heading to ,but this is on my Christmas wish list for us all .


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Declining Oil Prices

With the decline in crude prices it seems like Wall Street has a late summer rally going . If crude continues on a downtrend and the financials can get their act together and housing can find a bottom then the economy could give us a Merry Christmas . That would be great as we go into the holiday shopping season ,which is a time when traditionaly the retailers generate the majority of their income . Just speculating , but the retail sector might be something worth looking into if our economy continues to rebound .

Allergy relief

Allergies ,I was raised with allergies and unfortunately there was'nt the wonderful selection of allergy relief products that we have available now. Here is something that you might want to check out.Pulsatile Sinus Irrigation is a gentle, pulsating stream to cleanse & moisturize the sinuses and massage the cilia of the nose and sinuses to their normal, healthy state.

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What do doctors say are the benefits of sinus irrigation? Among them are reducing nasal congestion, cleansing and ridding the sinus cavities of allergens, irritants, and contaminants, treating chronic sinusitis, treat acute bacterial rhinosinusitis, stopping snoring, blocked and congested sinuses....