Sunday, June 12, 2016

Chest and Arms and Abs

Made it to the gym tonight, first time I have worked out three times in a seven day week in I don't know when. I did not do a lot, but the main thing I did was I went. Started out with five minutes of light cardio and did two sets of negative rep sets on crunch machine, leg lift stand, bench press, seated chest, butterfly machine and standing curls with a curl bar. Did not use a lot of weight but focused on the negative reps( the movement of lowering the weight). Short but sweet workout, just glad I made it tonight. In a few weeks I will take another picture to show progress, if any I have made. Remember, a good portion of life is a result of decisions we make, make good ones. Choose Jesus, If you don't like your physical condition, maybe you ought tol choose to exercise and eat healthy, ouch that hurt, something I need to work on.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Workout Journal negative Reps Chest Workout

Light workout tonight at True Fitness Your Way in Blue Ridge, Ga. Tonight as  I worked out light I implemented negative reps in my workout, doing three chest exercises, the bench press, seated butterfly on Precor machine and seated chest press on Hammer Strength chest press machine. I did two sets of bench presses interspersed with butterflys and chest presses, all using negative reps. I did an extra set of butterflys and chest presses interspersed with curls using a very light weight with a curl bar, Didn't do much, still working on building a habit, so far two days this week.

Here is a picture of my chest with me sitting in my recliner, not a picture I am proud of but if I am going to track and share my progress, I think it will help to share. Here is a link to part of my workout tonight,Tonights workout
For those not familiar with negative reps, watch the video. Basically, negative reps are when you let the weight down extra slow in a controlled movement before lifting the weight. If works your muscles in both movements, in the going down and in the lifting, give it a try. Until next time, workout hard, check back later, let me know what you think. If you have any workout techniques to share let me know, i put them on my blog and give them a try.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Starting to Exercise

Just got home from the gym, very light workout. It was my first time to the gym in over a week so i did not want to over do it. additionally I had pulled a nearly 12 hour shift a cracker Barrel, I was tired. Anyways, I have decided to blog about my workout program and track and display my progress. So tonight was a new beginning for me in exercise and blogging about it. Very light workout. but at least I did something.Are you thinking about beginning an exercise program? Put your thought into action and start, you gotta start somewhere and some time, just do it, you may want to check with your doctor first. Start out easy, don't do too much, just do something, get started, The first thing you want to develop is a habit, do not worry about building muscle, focus on building that habit, you do that you pretty much got her licked. For example, I have not trained in over a week so tonight  I went light: 1 set of crunchs
                                   1 set of leg lifts
                                   1 set bench press( light weight)
                                   1 set of curls(light weight)
                                    1 set of chest press
                                     1 set of butterflys
Not much of a workout, but I did workout. Hey its a start, well, actually a restart, nevertheless, I did something somewhat positive for myself,  How about you, what have you done. Check back later for future post, check my progress,  hopefully I can give some encouragement along the way. May do some before and after pictures. Have a good one and God bless

Sunday, June 5, 2016

North Ga Ants

Birds of Prey at Dollywood

Great Smokey Mountains near Newfound Gap

Took these pictures while diving over the mountains  between Ckerokee NC and Gatlinburg TN. Photos near to Newfound Gap.

Lone Coyote in Cades Cove

Bears in Cades Cove

The Creek on Chimney Tops Trail

The water in the streams that flow along the Chimney Top Trail is crystal clear.

Elks in Cherokee, North Carolina

Coming back from Pigeon Forge Tennessee we we came upon  these magnificent beasts just outside Cherokee, North Carolina. These were just on the left past the Visitors Center as you come off the mountain on the road that takes you to Gatlinburg, TN. Big animals, one onlooker commented, " lots of meat."

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mud or Snapping Turtle trying to Get Outta the Road

While driving through the North Ga mountains of Fannin County today, me and my daughter came across this cute little rascal. If you come across one of these i would recommend not picking it up or trying to pet it. Around these parts we call these critterd snapping turles or mud turtles, i have heard folks around here say that they will bite you. I suppose that is where the name snapping turtle originated. This was on the road that runs along Noontootla creek, it is a beautiful drive, the towering Hemlocks and the rushing creek with mini-waterfalls and rapids are gorgeous. Just be careful to watch out for the snapping turtles.