Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Downtown Blue Ridge Fitness Center is Now TrueFitness Your Way

The Downtown Blue Ridge Fitness Center is under new ownerhip. Actually it is not Downtown Blue Ridge Fitness anymore but is TrueFitness Your Way. The new owners have brought some new equipment into the gym that is said to be the latest in fitness technology. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the new owners and was wondering if I would enjoy the change; however, I really like Fred, one of the co-owners of the gym. Fred is an older man who is an excellent physical specimen that has a way about him that puts you at ease. Even though Fred is in superb physical condition, you do not feel like he is talking down to you when he is talking about working-out. So all in all I am happy with the changes and good Lord willing hope to continue working out at the TrueFitness Your Way gym.

If you are looking for a place to work out, I recommend TrueFitness Your Way. The owners and staff are friendly and helpful and the exercise equipment is awesome. Since changing hands from the Blue Ridge Downtown Fitness center, The new owners have not only changed the name to TrueFitness Your Way, but have also brought in some new equipment, which includes some Hammer Strength machines. The Hammer Strength equipment is suppose to be the latest in weight training technology; I have really enjoyed using the new machines, and now working out is not a chore, but something I look forward to these days. Stop by at the TrueFitness Your Way Gym and check it out for yourself.

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