Monday, January 16, 2012

Time to Buy More Minutes for Net10 Phone

It is that time again, time to buy more minutes for my Net10 Lg900. Net10 is that great pay as you go cell provider for those who do not want to invest a fortune in their mobile service. 300 minutes/60 days service for a little over 30 bucks works good for me. If you really want a good deal in a Net10 phone, check out your local Dollar General Store, last week I saw the phone that I use for a paltry $20. $20 for the LG 900 seems like a bargain to me.

Now life is more than cell phones and other technological gadgets, it is more than food and drink, more than jobs, possesions and money; life is about our relationship with Jesus. Either we have a relationship with Him or we don't, do you know Him. Check out this video about God's grace.

If you don't know Jesus, get to know Him, repent of your sins and place your faith in the risen Christ who died and rose again from the dead. If you don't have a cell phone, get you a Net10 phone.

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