Saturday, August 31, 2013

Syria Unrest Dirty Dance Moves Not Miley's Best

Wow, what a week is has been.From the turmoil in Syria to the raunchy dance moves of former Disney star Miley Cyrus. I would have to say the atrocities by the Syrians and the possibility of war with Syria would be the worst but both are disturbing.

Death and destruction on one hand and filthy debauchery on national TV on the other. It does not appear that things are getting better but that this world is on a downward spiral. However, hope is on the horizon, Jesus is coming back. Lets hope the Miley Cyrus' and those who traffic in death will get a clue before they meet King Jesus. May we all get a clue before we meet Him who created all things and died for the sins of mankind and came back from the dead with the  keys of death and hell.

Since He is coming back and will judge this world it would behoove us all to live for Him.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cyborg Willie at Cracker Barrel

While this may appear be a man waiting tables at Cracker Barrel, things are not always as they seem. This is Cyborg Willie, intergalactic time traveler and Galactic criminal, wanted across time and throughout the universe. He is currently wanted in 5 galaxies and in 1000 different centuries not to mention all the different planets and dimensions he is wanted for crimes against humanity and 2000  other life forms. If you see this man, contact James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, Kirk can be easily be reached at where he is posing as spokesperson for the motel booking site.

Of course this is fictional but I do refer to the man in the picture as Cyborg Willie when we work together at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Canton, Ga. I think he makes an excellent cyborg. Come by and visit us at Cracker Barrel and ask for Cyborg Willie to be your server, they won't know who you are talking about but who cares any way.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Unplugging from the World

Turning over a new leaf today 
Unplugging myself from all the fray
Cutting ties with the trite tirade
Giving up on the grand charade

Tired of  the unraveled and wasted years
Smile cross my face hiding the bitter tears
Squandered time the  end may be drawing near
With nothing to show for my time spent here

So now it's time  for me to turn off the surreal
And set the world ablaze with something that's real
Open up my heart for my Savior to fill
And let Him have His way with me and do His will.