Friday, May 23, 2008

Tire pressure

It was suggested by a friend that keeping air pressure above 30lbs would increase gas milege.Give it a try.Anybody has any new ideas feel free to leave in comment section.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

Can the Consumer Bring Down The Price of Gas

Is it feasible or possible that we the people,the American consumer, can bring down the price of gas? Or are we to be held captive by the rising price of gas? Some analysts believe that the American consumer can make a difference in the price of fuel simply by consuming less. I tend to agree with this view. The question is whether or not we are willing to take the steps to cut back on our fuel usage. In this country we are used to having what we want and doing what we want when we want to. If we don't have the funds we whip out the plastic and indulge our every whim and desire. But we are facing a situation that could put a heavy financial burden on a lot of people; we need to stop and think what can we do to help make a difference. I have a few ideas and you probably have more to cut back on gas consumption.
1)Car pool-When possible share a ride with someone.
Not just work, but in other instances; like going to church,
going to town, picking up your kids and other school/sport
related activities. Do the math every time you carpool with
just one person you have made a took a 50% chunk out
of gas consumption. Think of 3 or 4 people riding together.
2)Slow down.Experts say that driving at a speed of 55 as opposed
to 75-80 could make a big difference in the gas we use.
It would take longer to get where we are going but overall
wouldn't it be worth it? It might even save a life.
3)Think before we go.We should take a moment before
we climb in the car and ask ourselves the question is this
trip necessary? Do I really need to go or can this wait or
maybe its not a necessary trip at all.
4)Consolidate trips.Instead of making daily trips to the store,why
not make weekly trips. Better yet instead of weekly trips;bi-weekly.
Still better, when possible;monthly trips. Get the picture?
5)Tele-commute one day a week. Some jobs we can do on the
computer via the Internet. When we can we should, ask your boss.
6)Park the gas hogs. When we can we should park the gas guzzling
behemoths and opt for the smaller more fuel efficient ways of getting
from point A to point B. For the long term, we should consider
just buying fuel efficient machines and send a message to the auto
industry that we want more miles to the gallon.
These are just a few ideas that just might ease the pain at the pump, if enough people put them into practice. Maybe you are one of the ones that higher fuel cost don't adversly affect your way of life and you think "I see no need to conserve gas I'm doing fine". Well just take a few minutes please and consider your fellow countryman that these high gas prices do affect in a hard way, and if not for yourselves but for your country and your fellow Americans lets do what we can to conserve gas and drive these prices down.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Let us pray that God would open up the hearts and minds of those in power that could make a difference in gas prices to do what they can.Prayer can change things,I believe there are some that could do something if they only would.I may be wrong ,but it wouldn't hurt to pray.At the worst,God could say no.But who is to say He might move in a mighty way and ease the burden on the American people.Anyways its always good to pray and talk to the Master.