Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Is There Life Beyond the Grave?

Is There Life Beyond the Grave?

This is the question that many wonder about, is there life after death? To find the answer perhaps we should look to the one who was raised from the dead some 2000 years, none other than Christ Jesus. Jesus was crucified, died and a few days later was seen by his followers; who testified to Him being alive. There are many resources online and in print that testifies to the historical evidence for Jesus, here is one such source There is, of course, the bible of which some scholars say is a very accurate history book, but I wanted to share a source outside the bible to get an unbiased answer to the question of life after death. You might also consider first-century disciples of Jesus who died for testifying of the risen Christ, it is highly unlikely that they would die for a hoax. So is their life after death, Jesus died, rose again and says to those who place their trust in Him, because I live, you will also. "I am going away but if I go away I will come back and receive you to myself that where I am you may also be", words of Jesus Christ, John 14

Monday, July 3, 2017

Fireworks 2017 McCaysville, Georgia

If you are wanting to see fireworks in McCaysville, Ga this year, I am afraid you missed it. The fireworks were held last Friday night in McCaysville. I do not know of any major fireworks in and around Blue Ridge or the McCaysville/ Copperhill area on the Fourth of July unless Ducktown, Tennessee is having them, they may have had theirs already too. So here is a video I put on YouTube of last Friday's Fireworks in McCaysville.

Check out this video on YouTube:

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Josh Holloway at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Nice surprise at Cracker Barrel last week, Josh Holloway, well known for his role as Sawyer in the his series Lost stopped in to eat at the popular casual dining establishment. When I asked him for a picture he was very nice and only asked that I let him finish his meal. He did not seem irritated or put out by the request but reacted rather graciously, which was awesome. Josh Holloway showed himself to be a class act in my book, he gets my respect.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


This boat ramp is not far from Blue Ridge. Take Hwy 76 to end of town and turn right on Aska rd. Take Aska road for about 3 miles and turn right on to Dry Branch road, this road goes by the lake and comes back out on Old Hwy 76.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Blue Ridge Lake Level Coming Up

Took this picture Wednesday, April 26 while taking a little  ride around Blue Ridge Lake via Dry Branch road. This is the boat ramp in what is known to the natives as Green Creek. As you can see by the picture, Lake Blue Ridge is almost full.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Home Depot Blue Ridge, Ga Great Customer Service

Had a good experience at the Home Depot in Blue Ridge, Ga. yesterday, what could have been a sour ending to my day turned into something positive. I purchased a Poulan Pro 42 in. 17-1/2 riding mower at my local Home Depot in good ole Blue Ridge, Ga. using my Home Depot consumer credit card with a mailed coupon that allowed me to buy said mower at 0% interest if paid within 18 months. The boys at Home Depot loaded my mower on my 97 Ranger which barely contained the machine and sent me own my merry way. When I arrived at my house I was delighted to find that I could back my little Ford against a bank on the lower side of my yard and was able to drive the Poulan Pro mower right outta my truck onto my grass. After getting the mower off the truck I drove it up to my front yard where it used up all the gas the good folks at Home Depot had put in it. So I filled the little black beast up with the Ethanol-free gas I purchased from the Citgo in Blue Ridge at the corner of HWY 515 and HWY 5 (if you don't already do it I suggest you use Ethanol-free gas in all your lawn equipment especially those with a Briggs and Stratton engine like the Poulan Pro). After fueling the mower I decided to give it a try on  my yard, which had not been mowed since last summer. The Poulan mowed fine but it bogged down it places where the grass was extremely thick, no problem with that just glad to have a riding mower, my first I might add. After mowing a good bit I drove it up a trail in the woods just for the fun of it, which was not as fun as I imagined. Upon getting back from my jaunt in the woods I realized I had a problem with the mower, the mowing deck would not engage, a riding mower that won't mow, not good. I am not a mechanic but I got down and gave it a look underneath and realized the belt that works the blades had came off one of the pulleys, so I somehow managed to put it back on and I was happy to discover I had a riding mower that mowed once again. I mowed a little more until dark begin to set in but soon found out the mowing deck belt had come off again, I discovered this by the terrible smell of rubber getting too hot as the belt was getting hot underneath the mower due to coming off the pulley again.

To make a long blog post short and get back to the title of the post, seeing I was in a dilemma with my newly purchased Poulan Pro riding mower that did not mow, I drove back up to the Home Depot in Blue Ridge. Upon walking into the store, the man at the customer service counter recognized me since he had rung in the sale on the mower and asked how he could help or something like that, he seemed to sense something was wrong. I explained the problem asking him what could we do and he had a solution, one I liked. He said that they would bring me a new Poulan Pro out and pick up the other one the next day. I thought to my self, "Great deal." But as I though about it something else came to mind so I voiced it. I asked if I could get a Club Cadet mower instead and pay the difference since they are a better mower, he said yes. Such a quick resolution to this problem made my evening, hats off to this Home Depot associate and hats off to Blue Ridge Home Depot.
To be continued.....

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why I Love Donald Trump

Prior to the 2016 presidential race I did not give Donald Trump much thought but when he began his run for president its like a switch flipped on in me, I found myself drawn to the multi-billionaire businessman turned presidential l candidate. As I listened to his pro-American/make America Great again message I begin to consider him as someone I might vote for. I must admit that I was torn between Donald Trump and Ted Cruze at the outset but the more I listened to Trump the more I begin to like his message. Now before I lose you attention I will give the reasons I love Donald Trump.
1. He is pro-America. It is good to have a leader that at least to me seems to have America's best interest in mind.
2. He is a hard worker. You almost expect someone as rich as Trump to lounge around, lapping up the excess of luxury, not so with Donald. Donald Trump reportedly works harder and more than a lot of people not near his age, including myself.
3. He appears to have raised some good children, They carry themselves with class, not has snobbish rich kids.
4. Very classy wife.
5. He seems to be very down to earth. I do not perceive him as one of the elite class, but as one of us. His riches do not seem to have went to his head.
6. Seems to have good common sense.
7. Speaks his mind.
8. His policies such as the Wall, repeal Obamacare, tax breaks, destroy ISIS, vetting the refugees, not afraid to say radical Islam, calling out the media, Keystone Pipeline just to name a few.

Just a few reasons why I love President Donald Trump. I know he is not perfect, he is not the Messiah or savior of the universe but just a man. But I am very proud to say that the man Donald Trump is my president.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Make Money With Amazon Mechanical Turk

It is no secret that you can make money selling stuff on Amazon, or sell your book through Amazon Kindle services but what some people may not realize is that they can make money doing online tasks. These tasks are available on the Amazon Mechanical Turk site. The tasks pay as little as a penny per task to upwards of $10 or more per task. Some of the tasks are very easy, some are hard, but they are all done for the most part from your computer. Something I personally do is take surveys, the surveys can range from around $.40 to $5.00 or more and usually take from 10 minutes to 45 minutes to complete, give or take a few minutes. To some this may seem like a waste of time, but if you want to make a little extra money when you are just sitting around watching TV or doing nothing at all, you may want to give this a chance. Here is a link Amazon Mechanical Turk