Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunset in Blue Ridge Ga from Walmart

Here is a picture I took from the parking lot of Walmart in beautiful Blue Ridge. Ga. I like sunset and I guess it is one of my favorite things to photograph, may I should start just a sunset photo blog. This is a unique sunset, I love the pink tint of the sky with the golden light burning light hanging from the clouds. Perhaps just a fleeting glimpse of Heavenly glory, I know Heaven will be much brighter but this is awesome. 

Sunset in Blue Ridge Ga

Sunset from the parking lot of Blue Ridge Walmart. If you are visiting Blue Ridge, Ga, the sunset view at Walmart can be spectacular. This was one such evening. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Refurbished Galaxy S*5 Review

New post from my Samsung Galaxy S 5. I am pretty much an Apple man but my iPhone 6 is limited on space do I bought this phone for pictures and videos. It is a refurbished phone I got on Amazon for around $160, but so far I like it real well. Who knows it might make an android man out of me. So far the only thing I have noticed is the battery runs down quicker than I am accustomed to and I think, note I say I think the camera may not be as good as my iPhone 6. But other than that I like it. Just put a case around it to day from amazon and some ProGlass from Walmart, so now maybe it is protected somewhat. The case and glass cost me about $20, so I got about $180 all together in my Refurbished Galaxy. Re