Saturday, August 20, 2011

Farm and Ranch Security Camera

Just posted an article on Associayed Content about the benefits of using a security camera on a farm or ranch. I knew that deer hunters used them sometimes but never thought of the benefits of using them on a ranch or a farm. Check out my article on Associated Content on using a security camera system on a farm or ranch.

The Imprisioned Old

Though innocent, locked away
Their only crime
Getting old and gray

Pent up in nursing homes, across the land
Who will go?
And hold their hand

Their families busy, they haven't the time
To pay them a visit
Or to drop a line

Held captive by age, in an old folks home
Facing the end of the journey
Facing it all alone

Miserable Heart

Rough and callused, buried deep within
Scarred and marred by the harrowing din
That incessantly falls on perforated ears
Plagued by the curse of human fears

Yet his heart lives on though scarred it be
Bruised and battered filled with misery
As it beats in time with the insane tempo
Of a parade of fools caught in limbo

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Devouring City

Underneath the pavement
Behind the brick and mortar
Below the sidewalks
Stories of lives spent
Lives wasted
Multitudes called these
familiar streets home
Their memories have faded out of sight
Under a concrete sky
Others now walk these stone sidewalks
Run these asphalt streets and
Hide behind the city walls
Their form, soon will be forgotten too
Devoured by the appetite of this unrelenting city.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shadow on a Street or the Dying Day

Shadow images cast on empty street
Dim signs of life from a dying day
Little girl running, playing, chasing hoop across
deserted alleyway not knowing that these days of carefree play are fleeting
and that all too soon she will be running into the evening of a brief existence

Lonely man from up the street looks on
Bemoaning a life that once was but now is now just
a shadow on this lonely street staring at the final vestiges of
light cast upon this empty street of dreams unfulfilled and hopes extinguished
by the harsh, dampening of time

Empty cart, empty street, light is fading
Soon the shadows will envelope all


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zombie Dad

For those who like Zombie stories, I am in the process of writing a family zombie novel or novella. Check out what I have wrote so far on Hub Pages and on Assosciated Content. I am hoping to one day finish this work. Please visit the sites and let me know what you think of the story thus far. I know that writing about zombies is a dead-end street, pun intended. But sometimes life makes ne feel like a zombie, besides zombies are interesting creatures that we know little about. Like what do they think or do they think? Do they really enjoy eating human flesh? Do they sleep at all? Zombies are mysterious and perhaps misunderstood but maybe I can shed some light on them with my story.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fire of God

Sticky slathering of air pressing against body longing for a cool breeze of refreshment on steamy August night.

The heat of the night is joined by the fire burning within my soul, the fire of confusion, dreams unfulfilled, promises broken and the haunting realization of time slipping away.

Basking in my hot room, feeling like I am burning down from without and within, I am reminded of another fire, an ancient fire from the far reaches of eternity.

The consuming fire of the Creator God

A fire that some have tried to quench

Still it burns

A fire that consumes and cleanses the receptive souls

Yet a fire that devours those who want no part of it

Sitting in the heat, my body begging for cool relief

My soul burning down

I am waiting for the fire of God to ignite my heart with the consuming flame of His Spirit