Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Is Donald Trump a Bigot?

Is Donald Trump a bigot? I do not know for sure but I think it is ridiculous to think  him a bigot because he wants to secure the borders or because of his comments about where Obama was born. Or because he wants to vet Syrian refugees coming into the United States. Personally I do not believe I have seen enough for me to label him a bigot. He is very outspoken and makes comments I would not feel comfortable making but nothing to make me think Donald Trump a bigot, I seems that some would have you to believe that racism and bigotry is as prevalent as ever but I think better of our country. Some even would have us to believe that there is an agenda among a good number of our law enforcement to kill black men, I do not believe that either. I do believe Donald Trump has some great ideas and genuinely wants to help our country.

Tips for Starting a Book Project

I am no expert on writing a book but I believe I have a few helpful tips for getting started, these tips may or may not work for you. First thing is to have a character you want to be the main character or a story you want to tell.

If you start with a character you want to build around, then you can begin to put yourself in his shoes and imagine whatever story you want him to live in. If you are thinking about writing a book I trust you have somewhat of an imagination, it is hard to write a story without one. As you think on a story that your character will be living in, be thinking about your character, what does they look like, how do they think, how do they act, what is their  background story. Become very familiar with your main character. You may want to even write a short bio on them that may not be in your book just to help you in writing. Once you get your character developed, now you can start thinking on your story.

Don't get bogged down in details, just think on what is going to take place with your main character or characters. Write down a brief summation of the story, just the main plot. At this point you may want to add characters to your story and think on their traits or you may just add them as you write the story. So now you got a main character or characters and a story, what's next. Make an outline. Outline your book.

Here is my version of an outline,   Start- intro to story
                                                        plot development
                                                        main story
                                                       a good plot twist
                                                       build towards climax, maybe a crisis moment or two
                                                       plot twist here might be inserted
                                                       the result or resolution or if writing a series. a possible resolution'
                                                       the end or the cliff hanger if a series
This is tips from an amateur writer but I think they might help someone make that start of a new bestseller.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Night Photo with IPhone 7

Here is a photo  I took in the dark with my iphone 7. Looking forward to taking more night pictures.

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Solution for Riots over Police Shooting

Just had an Epiphany, watching the latest protest or rather riotous
public display of lawlessness in Charlotte, NC. Why not pass a law
that police can only use force after the bullet has left the gun of a
suspected criminal. In other words if a suspect has a gun and is told
to drop the gun by the police, the officers may only use deadly force
after the suspect pulls the trigger and when the bullet leaves the
barrel of the suspects gun. This should give any good officer plenty
of time to get out of the way of the bullet and then return fire only
if it is necessary for the safety of the public and of course the
safety of the suspect. The personal safety of the officer should never
be considered, they are just public servants, it's their job. However,
we need laws that will protect suspected criminals who happen to be
armed, who like to rob stores and wrestle police officers and charge
at them, and those who just do not want to comply or cannot understand
simple commands like drop your
weapon. Additionally, to make sure suspected criminals do not get
harmed, we could take away firearms from our police officers and give
them water pistols filled with vinegar to shoot in a suspects eye only
after the suspect has fired on them, no, on second thought no vinegar,
only water, vinegar in the eyes would be too cruel. A little water in
the eyes can hinder the vision enough until a police officer can rush
a suspect and grab the suspect in a soft warm embrace and tell them
things are going to be alright, now please be a good boy or girl and
let us have your weapon. These laws might stop some of these concerned
protests and make our nation great again.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Waiting Tables at Cracker Barrel

Another long day of waiting tables at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Mostly nice guests but there was a few that was not as friendly as others. One man seemed to be really not eager to talk to me, almost like he did not like me from the start. No smile and very little conversation with me. We served him in a fairly prompt and friendly manner and sent him and  his  companion on their way.

Server lesson for the day. Serve all guests alike, old or young, male or female, gay or straight, white or black, rich or poor, nice or friendly. It is your job and besides that it is the right thing to do.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Writing a Book Part 3 Starting a Project

Here is an idea or a start for a fiction book I started.

Settling in for the night, relaxing in his recliner, he was planning to watch a little television before he turned in for the night. As he reached for the TV remote he heard a sharp tapping on his window, like someone hitting it with their fingernails. Turning to the window he saw his face, the face of John Sulman looking at him through the glass. The moonlight shone on his face, highlighting his pale green skin, the face of a man that Jimmy had saw laid to rest a week prior at the Crest Lawn cemetery. Jimmy had had a few drinks as was his usual habit before coming home, but the dead face of his late friend John staring at him through the window sobered him up real fast.

Jimmy stared in horror as John passed right through the glass to into his room. Standing before Jimmy, John said. “They are coming for you Jim, be ready. They want what you took, they won't stop until they get it.”

Jimmy was paralyzed by fear by the apparition standing in front of him. He was shaking so much that his mouth was unable to form the words to ask, coming for what, but than again, he knew for what, they were coming for him.'

Jimmy awoke wih a start and sat straight up in his recliner, “Crazy dreams these days.” He muttered under his breath as he laid back down in his recliner. As he reached for the remote to change the channel his face turned white and his heart nearly leaped out of his chest at the sound of an all to familiar voice.

What's a matter Jimmy? You look like you just seen a ghost.”

Jimmy turned to the hard, tight jawed face of Sonny Briscoe, Tony Solomans muscle. When Sonny paid you a visit it was not just a social call.

Hey, what's up Sonny? What yo doing barging in here? You could have knocked you know.” Jimmy said as he tried not to stammer. When Jimmy got nervous or scared he was prone to stammer.

I started this project sometime back but never got back to it, acually forgot the directon I was heading with it. If you have an idea on where to go from here post it in the comments, we might do some collaborating.

Jobs at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Are you considering as career in the restauraunt industry? Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, one of the top if not the top restauraunt in casual dining may have an opening for you in all positions. I have worked for Cracker Barrel for a little more than 21 years and have seen very few times in my career that they have not been hiring. They have a good business model that has built a consistant following over the 4 decades, at least from what I have witnessed at my store. So stop in a store or I believe you can apply online, couldn't say for sure and see if you might get hire in as a Cracker Barrel worker. Visit my blog or better yet subscribe, I may have more posts about jobs with Cracker Barrel. You may not get rich working for Cracker Barrel but if you want to work hard you have an opportunity to make a living and advance through the Cracker Barrel ranks.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Had a Rough Saturday Night in Blue Ridge, Ga

I saw this when i picked up my friend for church this morning. He
said, "he must have had a rough Saturday Night. I took this photo with my new iPhone 7*.

*iPhone is a registered trademark.

Writing a Book Part 2 Finding that Story

If you are thinking on writing a work of fiction, you gonna need a story. Chances are you already got one in mind, but if the well is dry you may need to prime the pump. How do you do that you ask, well I can only speak for myself but something that might help you is take people, areas, pets, other things in your life and ask what if. For example, what if my friend Billy is an international spy, what if Nathan is an alien from another planet whose real name is Malc, what if I looked out my window and there were people army crawling through the field leading to my house with machine guns dressed in camaflouge, Just start  with the things right in front of you or around you to jumpsatrt your creative genious.

Get iPhone* 7, Pay Only Activation Fee &Sales Tax with Trade-in

I do not know how long this promo will last but it seems like a sweet deal. If you trade in your iPhone* 6 for an iPhone 7 with Verizon* they will credit your count with $650, the price of the latest phone by Apple*. Just purchased the 7 Friday and waiting on the box to send my old 6 Plus back to Verizon*. Here is the Verizon link to get more details. If you want the iPhone 7, I would jump on this offer as soon as you can before it ends. Of course your iPhone 6 or 6 PLus needs to be in good shape to get the full $650.

Apple, iPhone and Verizon are registered trademarks.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Walmart Sunset Blue Ridge, Ga

The Heavens Declare the Glory of the Lord

Writing a Book

My wife says I have a gift for writing, I used to believe her but lately I am having my doubts. With about a half dozen started projects and two stories published on Amazon that have not done too well I feel like maybe writing was just a pipe dream. Anyways I still have my blog and still can publish my random musings on the world wide web, or is that an archaic reference today. So today to try and get my focus back on writing I am writing a few thoughts on book writing that may or may not help someone in the same proverbial boat as me. Problems I have had with writing a book to completion is staying focused and interested in what I am writhing.

Maybe you have the same problem, if so how do we maintain our focus to complete our project. One thing to consider is the subject or story of the book. Are you composing a work that interests you or something that just crossed your mind and you thought it would make a good novel. Both books I have completed, Yikes My Dad is a Zombie and Death at Gettysburg were subjects that interested me; I guess that is why I finished the projects. That being said, what interests you, or better yet what fascinates you and causes your mind to race in cerebral sprints through fields of thoughts and ideas. Just meditate on that for now and try to think on what subject, setting,  or set of situations captivate your mind, that might be the idea behind the book project you complete that makes New York Times Best seller list.