Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot Day in Blue Ridge, Ga

It has been another hot day in Blue Ridge, Ga. I have bought this new computer with the hopes that it will help me to get back into writing more. I used to write poems, songs, started several novels  have yet to finish, online articles for money as well as numerous blog entries. I fear that I have lost my desire for writing and my limited writing skills. Maybe if I start jounaling it will return.

I have been lazy today and spent a good portion watching TV and reading Dracula on my Kindle Fire. I feel guilty for not doing anything fun with my kids, but I feel almost as if I am paralyzed due to uncertanity about what I should do. So not knowing what to do, I do nothing, which makes me feel like I have wasted another Saturday in my life and my kids life too. However, I did finally get out this evening to go to town to see the fireworks and then my SUV broke down at the McDonalds drive-thru in Blue Ridge, Ga, so much for watching bright,colorful explosians in the sky. Had to have SUV towed to shop and have my dad pick up me and the kids and bring us home.

So I sit now in my man-cave writing this entry on my blog, still not knowing what to write. I pray that inspiration and guidance will come soon. May God have mercy on my soul, as in my idle time gives me too much time to think lewd improper and sometimes insane thoughts, sometimes I find myself verbalizing these thoughts to myself when no one else is around to hear. So I now wait, wait for that moment of inspiration, that tingling of desire in the heart that makes one write that which moves his own heart and perhaps the hearts of others as well.

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