Saturday, June 16, 2012

Warning: Yellow Jackets af Deep Hole Rec Area on Toccoa River in Fannin County

A friendly word of warning to those planning on fishing at the Deep Hole Recreation Area in Fannin County, beware of yellow jackets. I was fishing below the observation deck that overlooks the river and got stung above my left eye. It appears that the yellow jackets have built their nests in the wood cross ties underneath the deck, I say nests because after I was stung I noticed yellow jackets in different places in the wood under skirting.

The Deep Hole Recreation Area is located on Hwy 60 past the National Fish Hatchery Road. I have been told that the Hole is stocked regularly with trout, however, I failed to even get a nibble. I did happen to see a few big fish swim by in front of me but they did not offer to bite the bait I had in the water. The fish may have fed earlier or I may have had the wrong bait. So, if you decide to do some fishing at the Deep Hole, beware of the yellow jackets, my eye is still hurting even as I type

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