Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blue Ridge Lake Pictures

Brief post tonight. Went to church this morning, bible study tonight, then went to cool off at Morganton Point on Blue Ridge Lake. The lake is low and if you go any distance at all into the lake you encounter mud, not good if you are wearing flip flops. I got some awesome pictues of the evening sun hitting water. The water with orange sulight hitting the waves looked like a long snake undulating across the lake.

In addition to the going to the lake I watched another old Dracula Movie, the Frank Langella version. This movie was alright but deviated from the book waaaaay  too much.

I also played my guitar and piano and have been thinking about starting another book project, a book about the importance of Christians getting together with other Christians i.e. going to church. Time to hit the proverbial sack, may God give us rest and a blessed day tomorrow.

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