Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trails to Walk Near Blue Ridge, Ga

There are several hiking trails to explore near Blue Ridge, Georgia, one of my favorites is the hike to Long Creek Falls in the Noontootla area. The hike to Long Creek Falls is a gradual incline that follows a pristine stream, which is the host of the falls. For those who do not mind going off trail there are other falls you encounter before you reach Long Creek Falls that are equally impressive but are not as accessible as Long Creek Falls. The tall, ancient trees along the trail are majestic and make this beautiful hike enjoyable as you trudge the slight incline to the falls. To reach Long Creek Falls from Blue Ridge, Ga, take Old 76 to the east end of town to Aska Road. Turn right on to Aska and follow Aska till it deadends into Newport RD, go right until Newport deadened, then go left. Go until you come to a Church and then take next road on right past the church. Look for the pull-off for the trail after you travel 3 to 5 miles on this road. Happy hiking.

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