Saturday, June 9, 2012

Obstacle in my Path

Huge, massive, it stood before me
Blocking my path
How bad did I desire to reach her beckoning arms? Those arms I had longed to hold me in their tender embrace, she who I longed to hold in my arms.

How bad did I want it? To go forward could be fatal, however, to turn back would be a slow tortuous death as the memory of the choice I made to go back haunts every waking moment of my remaining pilgrimage on the earth.

The demon growled, his red eyes blazed as he cried out, " you who love death come forward, your tomb now waits, come now and seal your fate."

Heart beats faster, palms moisten with sweat as I ponder the choice I must make. I then hear her voice, she calls out my name. She tells me, " I am waiting for you, come now and drink of my joys, joys that you have traveled many miles to claim. Come and take the life that belongs to you, it is yours for the taking."

That voice arouses a vision of why I began the quest, a beauty that was meant for me alone. I made my choice, sword sang out as it emerged from the scabbard as my resolve propelled me forward into the only logical choice I could make.

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