Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Writing a Book

My wife says I have a gift for writing, I used to believe her but lately I am having my doubts. With about a half dozen started projects and two stories published on Amazon that have not done too well I feel like maybe writing was just a pipe dream. Anyways I still have my blog and still can publish my random musings on the world wide web, or is that an archaic reference today. So today to try and get my focus back on writing I am writing a few thoughts on book writing that may or may not help someone in the same proverbial boat as me. Problems I have had with writing a book to completion is staying focused and interested in what I am writhing.

Maybe you have the same problem, if so how do we maintain our focus to complete our project. One thing to consider is the subject or story of the book. Are you composing a work that interests you or something that just crossed your mind and you thought it would make a good novel. Both books I have completed, Yikes My Dad is a Zombie and Death at Gettysburg were subjects that interested me; I guess that is why I finished the projects. That being said, what interests you, or better yet what fascinates you and causes your mind to race in cerebral sprints through fields of thoughts and ideas. Just meditate on that for now and try to think on what subject, setting,  or set of situations captivate your mind, that might be the idea behind the book project you complete that makes New York Times Best seller list.

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