Monday, September 19, 2016

Writing a Book Part 3 Starting a Project

Here is an idea or a start for a fiction book I started.

Settling in for the night, relaxing in his recliner, he was planning to watch a little television before he turned in for the night. As he reached for the TV remote he heard a sharp tapping on his window, like someone hitting it with their fingernails. Turning to the window he saw his face, the face of John Sulman looking at him through the glass. The moonlight shone on his face, highlighting his pale green skin, the face of a man that Jimmy had saw laid to rest a week prior at the Crest Lawn cemetery. Jimmy had had a few drinks as was his usual habit before coming home, but the dead face of his late friend John staring at him through the window sobered him up real fast.

Jimmy stared in horror as John passed right through the glass to into his room. Standing before Jimmy, John said. “They are coming for you Jim, be ready. They want what you took, they won't stop until they get it.”

Jimmy was paralyzed by fear by the apparition standing in front of him. He was shaking so much that his mouth was unable to form the words to ask, coming for what, but than again, he knew for what, they were coming for him.'

Jimmy awoke wih a start and sat straight up in his recliner, “Crazy dreams these days.” He muttered under his breath as he laid back down in his recliner. As he reached for the remote to change the channel his face turned white and his heart nearly leaped out of his chest at the sound of an all to familiar voice.

What's a matter Jimmy? You look like you just seen a ghost.”

Jimmy turned to the hard, tight jawed face of Sonny Briscoe, Tony Solomans muscle. When Sonny paid you a visit it was not just a social call.

Hey, what's up Sonny? What yo doing barging in here? You could have knocked you know.” Jimmy said as he tried not to stammer. When Jimmy got nervous or scared he was prone to stammer.

I started this project sometime back but never got back to it, acually forgot the directon I was heading with it. If you have an idea on where to go from here post it in the comments, we might do some collaborating.

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