Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Solution for Riots over Police Shooting

Just had an Epiphany, watching the latest protest or rather riotous
public display of lawlessness in Charlotte, NC. Why not pass a law
that police can only use force after the bullet has left the gun of a
suspected criminal. In other words if a suspect has a gun and is told
to drop the gun by the police, the officers may only use deadly force
after the suspect pulls the trigger and when the bullet leaves the
barrel of the suspects gun. This should give any good officer plenty
of time to get out of the way of the bullet and then return fire only
if it is necessary for the safety of the public and of course the
safety of the suspect. The personal safety of the officer should never
be considered, they are just public servants, it's their job. However,
we need laws that will protect suspected criminals who happen to be
armed, who like to rob stores and wrestle police officers and charge
at them, and those who just do not want to comply or cannot understand
simple commands like drop your
weapon. Additionally, to make sure suspected criminals do not get
harmed, we could take away firearms from our police officers and give
them water pistols filled with vinegar to shoot in a suspects eye only
after the suspect has fired on them, no, on second thought no vinegar,
only water, vinegar in the eyes would be too cruel. A little water in
the eyes can hinder the vision enough until a police officer can rush
a suspect and grab the suspect in a soft warm embrace and tell them
things are going to be alright, now please be a good boy or girl and
let us have your weapon. These laws might stop some of these concerned
protests and make our nation great again.

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