Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tips for Starting a Book Project

I am no expert on writing a book but I believe I have a few helpful tips for getting started, these tips may or may not work for you. First thing is to have a character you want to be the main character or a story you want to tell.

If you start with a character you want to build around, then you can begin to put yourself in his shoes and imagine whatever story you want him to live in. If you are thinking about writing a book I trust you have somewhat of an imagination, it is hard to write a story without one. As you think on a story that your character will be living in, be thinking about your character, what does they look like, how do they think, how do they act, what is their  background story. Become very familiar with your main character. You may want to even write a short bio on them that may not be in your book just to help you in writing. Once you get your character developed, now you can start thinking on your story.

Don't get bogged down in details, just think on what is going to take place with your main character or characters. Write down a brief summation of the story, just the main plot. At this point you may want to add characters to your story and think on their traits or you may just add them as you write the story. So now you got a main character or characters and a story, what's next. Make an outline. Outline your book.

Here is my version of an outline,   Start- intro to story
                                                        plot development
                                                        main story
                                                       a good plot twist
                                                       build towards climax, maybe a crisis moment or two
                                                       plot twist here might be inserted
                                                       the result or resolution or if writing a series. a possible resolution'
                                                       the end or the cliff hanger if a series
This is tips from an amateur writer but I think they might help someone make that start of a new bestseller.

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