Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Mountain in the Distance

Photo by Reena Walking
Off in the distance, I saw it rising towards the sky
Drawn by its beauty, its steep I endeavored to climb
She was indeed an enchanting lady, a jewel set against a backdrop of blue and purple sky
I just had meet this alluring woman that had caught my wandering eye

Walking down the road, towards the mountain height
Seemed like the goal I was seeking, was still a far off sight
With my legs and feet growing weary, my resolve to reach her begin a sharp decline
I had second thoughts about meeting this eye scorching delight

I sat me down on the side of the road, my aching body to rest and retire
Forgetting for the time being, the intense object of my desire
Then something wonderful happened and suddenly my surrounding didn't seem so dire
For I realized that the beauty I was seeking was with me all the time


Brian Miller said...

smiles...i like that realization there at the end...and i so know what you are saying about recognizing the beauty of creation more in our age...nicely done duane

Grace said...

I also love this picture...but I ended up choosing the other one. This is lovely writing...I do like that desire to climb the mountain and in the end, it find the beauty in you....beautiful ~

Claudia said...

For I realized that the beauty I was seeking was with me all the time... this is so cool... and so often we don't see the obvious until we sit down and rest from our struggles to reach what we think we have to..much enjoyed the wisdom in this duane

Shawna said...

I liked your description of the mountain as an enchanting lady.