Saturday, February 11, 2012

Embracing the Enemy

Each day I arose, facing an enemy unseen
Fear gripped mt heart as I watched his angry sword gleam

I had seen him cut down the masses down through  the pages of time
I knew one day that I must face him for myself, there was nowhere I could hide.

I found myself a prisoner,  captive of a terrible foe
A prisoner of the fear that within my trembling heart did grow

Wearied of the paralysis that held my soul in an unrelenting vise
A thought alighted in my tortured mind,a illuminating revelation, as it were a word to the wise

Embrace your enemy, welcome him as a friend
Resign yourself to the meeting your source fear and dread

For in doing so you will release your soul to embrace a life that is truly free
It's inevitable the enemy is coming, so why waste your years worrying about that of which you have no say


Charles Miller said...

They say courage is knowing what to fear and what not to fear. The command to love your enemy as yourself would seem to take away fear for two reasons: you cannot fear yourself which you love and hence if you love your enemy you will not fear them, fear resides in the unknown, so coming to love the enemy you come to know them so they are no longer unknown.

Brian Miller said...

there are def challenging scripture on how we are to deal with our enemy...the most humbling to pray for care for them...and to meet them and show them love and care might just be the way to defeat them...

Duane F said...

I guess I should have spelled it out. The enemy I am talking about is death. The fear of death can keep us from enjoying life, but I guess this poem can apply to any enemy. Thanks for the comments.

S.E. Ingraham said...

It's funny Duane - I was thinking the enemy could be anything - yourself,insanity,death,illness ... a regular war-type enemy ... poems are good for that in my view; vague's permissible.

Claudia said...

it needs def. more courage to embrace and love the enemy than to fight him...and surely it's a good thing to do so...not always easy though..but will def. collect fiery coals on his head..

Mama Zen said...

This is so true!