Sunday, February 5, 2012

AB Solo Machine at TrueFitness Your Way in Blue Ridge, Ga.

I had got used to doing around 150 crunches on a some sort of an Ab workout machine; I got out of breath but didn't really feel it much in my abs. However,  when the TrueFitness Your Way gym brought in the Ab Solo machine, I found out what a good ab workout feels like. The Ab Solo machine utilizes medicine balls that you pick up and hold over your head as you lean all the way back on a seat that goes back as you lean back on it. Once you lean back as far as you can you perform a sit-up with the medicine ball over head, throwing the ball into a backstop half way up. The machine has a return chute that delivers the medicine ball back in front of you so you can pick it up and repeat the process. You can use multiple medicine balls if you you do not want to wait for the ball to return to you. The Ab Solo machine uses balls that are made for the Ab Solo and instructs users not to use different balls. The Ab Solo machine at TrueFitness Your Way in Blue Ridge, Georgia has three different weight balls, a 5lb, 7lb and a 9lb. I use the 9lb and 7lb or sometimes just the 9lb. I do not know what kind of results I will get with the Ab Solo, hopefully a six-pack of abs, but it sure feels like I am giving my stomach muscles a good workout. I imagine with picking up the medicine balls and throwing them I am working out all the muscles in my upper body. If I get a six pack or something that resembles a six pack I will post a picture for a progress report. As for now no pictures, I am afraid I will scare away readers.

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