Monday, February 13, 2012

Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas

Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas

So you have waited till the last minute to do your Valentines Day shopping. Let's face it guys, no man wants to face his sweetie empty handed on V-Day. So here are a few last minute ideas,

1. Write a poem. Some girls think that poems are romantic, but beware the skeptic who does not believe that men can have such romantic notions, let alone put them into a poem,

2. Make a romantic CD. If you have access to a computer and have a blank CD, download some mushy tunes and make her a love CD.

3. Flowers. Call her in some flowers. It is a cliche, is expected and traditional, yet effective.

4. Do some romantic origami. For those unfamiliar with origami, it an art form comprised of folding paper into shapes. She may find your artistic side romantic.

5. Sing her a song. Better yet, write her a song and sing it to her. Even if you can't sing she will give you an A for effort.

6. Give her a Walmart gift certificate or make the ultimate sacrifice and take her shopping yourself.

7. Take her out to eat at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. You can eat at Cracker Barrel without a reservation and the prices at Cracker Barrel prices are super reasonable.

8. If you are married offer to watch the kids so she can go out with her friends or just have some time for herself.

9. Take her to a romantic movie or rent one to watch.

10. Put on a red suit, wrap a ribbon around yourself and tell your honey that you give yourself to her as her special Valentine.

The main thing is that you make an effort at showing your significant other that she is special. May you have a happy Valentines Day and may God bless.

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