Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In the Realms of the Mind

In the realms of the mind, I have taken flight
Soared above this wasteland, escaped my plight
Dreaming my dreams, hope escalating, feels like
I almost can

Feels like I have the power to turn quivering hopes and dreams
Into concrete slabs of reality
Like one day my aspirations will be realized beyond anything that has
ever tripped my brain

In the realms of the mind, impossible is never spoken
My dreams are steadfast, resolve is unbroken
Moving forward, optimism rising, Johnny Mathis sings "Its going to be
a bright, bright, sunshiny day

Feel the blue sky and sunshine shining deep into my soul
Injecting me with confidence
Projecting an image of  achieving and accomplishing the desires that
have fired my soul with bittersweet heat

In the realm of the mind, where our dreams are birthed
Is where we weigh and measure what our ambitions are worth
Where we evaluate and estimate those things that haunt, tease and
torment our days.  


Brian Miller said...

maybe is we took a cure from our minds and did not fear the impossible...and perhaps truly wieghed our ambitions...i dunno...thought provoking verse...

Louise said...

I enjoyed your poem...and I love that feeling of waking up on a sunshine day thinking you can achieve anything... :)

Pat Hatt said...

Very interesting verse. Actually made me think all the way through. If only we wouldn't let our so called perception of reality blind us, maybe we could do the impossible. Nicely Done!