Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blue Ridge Lake Summer Levels

Blue Ridge Lake is almost back up to previous levels after being down in the wintertime due to maintenance on the Blue Ridge Dam. While the lake is not yet as full as it has been in the past. The lake is full enough for fishing and recreational activities.

Boats and jet skis are now a common sight out on the beautiful waters. As visiting vacationers and locals as well are enjoying the refreshing waters of Blue Ridge Lake, which is fed by the Toccoa River, which flows down out of the mountains of Fannin County.

Swimmers are also taking advantage of the lake’s returning levels. Morganton Point, one of the top swimming areas on Blue Ridge Lake as had swimmers enjoying the lake as late as 9:00 pm over the fourth of July weekend. While the lake is not yet reached the sand beach of Morganton Point, swimmers have only to make a small trek to the waters edge.

For those who may be wondering about Blue Ridge Lake and whether it is ready for vacationers to enjoy, I say come on in the water is fine.

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