Saturday, August 30, 2008

Spotlight on Relationships

Honesty is The #1 Key For a Good Relationship
Relationships,the crux of our life's are comprised of relationships.Yet sometimes it is the one thing that we neglect or fail to give our most urgent attention to.The truth of the matter is that we as people were created to live in community with other people,we were meant by our Creator to have(I believe)good relationships with our fellow human beings with whom we share this planet.If you study the teachings of Christ Jesus you will find that He taught extensively about relationships.He spoke of our relationship with God and our relationships with each other.He knew that life was not made up of material things or the trapping of this world that alludes to our selfish nature,but that life was made up of relationships.
In speaking about relationships I think it should be pointed out,what exactly makes for a good relationship?There are numerous things I could point out and I am sure that there are many varied opinions on what makes for good relationships,but I like to speak briefly about what very well could be the most important part of any healthy thriving relationship.That thing I believe to be most important is honesty.Simple,yet such a powerful concept when coupled with love.
Honesty,the word rolls so smoothly off our lips doesn't it.Most of us consider ourselves no doubt as honest people don't we?But are we really honest?Are we honest with ourselves?Are we honest with God?Are we truly honest with others?These are questions that we should ask ourselves and strive to answer honestly.Let us break down the process into steps so we can embrace this concept in a way that will benefit ourselves and also the people in our lives.
1.Honest with ourselves.Honesty begins with me,I have to be honest about myself,about who I am,what I am,how I act,how I feel and how am I relating to God and to my fellow man.THat can be painful at times but it is a pain that can bring healing into our lives.If I will come clean with myself about all my personal issues as well as public issues than I can begin to move forward if I so desire.Just being presented with the truth in itself is not enough,I must act in accordance with the revealed truth for it to benefit me.
2.Honest with God.A person has to come to a place where that they are honest with God.You might as well be honest with Him,for there is no way that you are going to pull the wool over His eyes.Now I don't believe anybody in their right mind would deliberately lie to God but I believe that it is possible to do it in a willful sub-conscious way if that makes any sense.But if we take the first step of practicing honesty with ourselves than honesty with God will come much easier.
3.Honest with others.Now this is what should follow if we have come clean with ourselves and come clean with God,and it does to an extent.But sometimes even at our best we are still tempted not to be honest with our fellow man.It is not always the easiest thing to do.Fear is the great enemy that creeps in and tries to rob us of our integrity in our relationships,fear of what others might think or do if we are truthful with them.If we allow this fear to keep us from being honest,then our relationships will never be what they ought to be.Our relationships will never be the deep,beneficial,intimate relationships that could truly enrich our lives and bring honor to our Maker.


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