Saturday, August 30, 2008

Song writing

Have you ever tried to write a song ,have you ever had something that was just burning inside of you to come out .You might say "I could never do anything like that ."Never say never ,you never know till you try .Here is the lyrics to a song I wrote about my wife .Check it out and see what you think about it .

Sittin round today as I often do/ Nothing much to say,just that I'm missing you/Though the sun is shining brightly and the skys a beautiful blue/Still there's a shadow on my soul,cause I been missin you. I feel a little incomplete without you by my side/and I need you here with me like the the moon needs the sky/without you here beside me,my rhythym got the blues/hear the lonely in my voice,cause girl I been missin you.
Chorus:Cause I been missin you,missin you today/ without you here beside me, my whole world it seem so grey/now your my one and only, girl I swear that its the truth /and I want you here beside me cause I been missin you.
Like a morning without a sunrise,like a ship without a sea/like a rainbow without colors like a forest without the trees/thats how I am without you/trying to solve a mystery without a clue/ and I'm feastin here on lonely/cause I been missin you.

Maybe you have a song burning within you ,I say let it out .

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