Saturday, August 30, 2008

Healthy Tip

The Benefits of Weight Training
So you have decided that you want to be physically fit and you are weighing out the options about what kind of exercise program that you are going to employ to reach you goal of being fit .Why not consider weight training ,using the resistance of weights against your muscles to work them out and cause them to grow . Weight training is an excellent regimen to add to your fitness endeavors . Used in combination with a good aerobic routine , it can generate results that not only make you feel better but also look better while helping you to reach your physical fitness goals .
As you begin a weight training program ,you are going to see not only an increase in your muscle strength but also an increase in the size and shape of your muscles . You might ask the question , what does having bigger , better looking muscles have to do with being healthy ? Well first off ,if you are in need of shedding a few pounds of fat then having bigger muscles is a good thing for you . The thing is ,the more muscle that you have in your body , the more calories your body will burn off . This means that those pounds are going to come off a lot faster , that is if you are incorporating a proper diet along with the weight training that you are doing . One thing to note however is ,that muscle weighs more than fat ,so you may not see a dramatic drop in pounds but you should notice a change in your overall size as the fat melts away and is replaced by muscle .
Another good benefit of weight training is ,that you are building a support system for your joints and bones . Having stronger muscles is going to help support your skeletal system and could also protect your internal organs .think of a boxer ,all the shots he takes to his abdomen .There is a reason that he trains to have washboard abs . Now you never step into a boxing ring ,but you never know what might get thrown at us as we go through this life . So it would not hurt to have a little extra natural support and natural armor for our bodies .
I am sure that there are many ,many other benefits to weight training , such as you look better , more confidence ,better performance at physical tasks and so on . But you will never enjoy any of these benefits unless you get started weight training .So what are you waiting for ,lets get to pumping iron !


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