Saturday, August 30, 2008

Presidential Race

Now that the Democratic convention is over ,it is time for the Republican covention next week .This has been an interesting and an historical race to say the least .Being a staunch Republican I am pulling for McCain of course but in all reality I want what is best for our country which in my opinion would be McCain at the helm .
With the world in the state that it is in ,with Iran pushing forward to have a nuke and Russia becoming an aggressive bear again ,we are in need of a seasoned maverick like McCain to deal with the potential risk posed by our enemies .
I am afraid that having a rookie like Obama as our president would embolden our enemies against us ."But we are safe here in America ,nobody would even dare attack the United States ",you might say. My friend that is a pre 9/11 mentality ,we are living in a different era now .The rules have all changed ,or to better put it ,there is no rules .
Before you pull that lever in November ,thing about a couple of big buildings that fell not too long ago .

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