Sunday, June 12, 2016

Chest and Arms and Abs

Made it to the gym tonight, first time I have worked out three times in a seven day week in I don't know when. I did not do a lot, but the main thing I did was I went. Started out with five minutes of light cardio and did two sets of negative rep sets on crunch machine, leg lift stand, bench press, seated chest, butterfly machine and standing curls with a curl bar. Did not use a lot of weight but focused on the negative reps( the movement of lowering the weight). Short but sweet workout, just glad I made it tonight. In a few weeks I will take another picture to show progress, if any I have made. Remember, a good portion of life is a result of decisions we make, make good ones. Choose Jesus, If you don't like your physical condition, maybe you ought tol choose to exercise and eat healthy, ouch that hurt, something I need to work on.

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