Saturday, July 2, 2016

Refurbished Galaxy S*5 Review

New post from my Samsung Galaxy S 5. I am pretty much an Apple man but my iPhone 6 is limited on space do I bought this phone for pictures and videos. It is a refurbished phone I got on Amazon for around $160, but so far I like it real well. Who knows it might make an android man out of me. So far the only thing I have noticed is the battery runs down quicker than I am accustomed to and I think, note I say I think the camera may not be as good as my iPhone 6. But other than that I like it. Just put a case around it to day from amazon and some ProGlass from Walmart, so now maybe it is protected somewhat. The case and glass cost me about $20, so I got about $180 all together in my Refurbished Galaxy. Re

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