Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Starting to Exercise

Just got home from the gym, very light workout. It was my first time to the gym in over a week so i did not want to over do it. additionally I had pulled a nearly 12 hour shift a cracker Barrel, I was tired. Anyways, I have decided to blog about my workout program and track and display my progress. So tonight was a new beginning for me in exercise and blogging about it. Very light workout. but at least I did something.Are you thinking about beginning an exercise program? Put your thought into action and start, you gotta start somewhere and some time, just do it, you may want to check with your doctor first. Start out easy, don't do too much, just do something, get started, The first thing you want to develop is a habit, do not worry about building muscle, focus on building that habit, you do that you pretty much got her licked. For example, I have not trained in over a week so tonight  I went light: 1 set of crunchs
                                   1 set of leg lifts
                                   1 set bench press( light weight)
                                   1 set of curls(light weight)
                                    1 set of chest press
                                     1 set of butterflys
Not much of a workout, but I did workout. Hey its a start, well, actually a restart, nevertheless, I did something somewhat positive for myself,  How about you, what have you done. Check back later for future post, check my progress,  hopefully I can give some encouragement along the way. May do some before and after pictures. Have a good one and God bless

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