Saturday, February 2, 2013

Not Giving 18% Tip at Applebies

I saw this story on Fox News and frankly was appalled by it. A lady pastor eating out at Applebies was very adament about leaving more of a tip than what was already added to the bill.

Some restaurants add an automatic gratuity to larger parties, evidently this is what happened with this lady pastor. Now if she had not of said anything and just not left anymore of a tip then all may have ended well; however, she could not resist writing something on the check that said something to the effect of, 'I give God 10% why should I give you 18%.'

A server took a picture of the bill that the lady had written this on and it got posted on the Internet. The server got fired and I believe that the Christian faith was dishonored by the pastors actions.

I am not going to rush to judgement on this pastor, she may have this strong conviction about tipping a higher percentage then she gives to God. However, that being said, in my opinion she came across as more stingy then pious. As a Christian and a waiter I have strong convictions an about tipping when I eatout.

I believe that Christians who go out yo est should be the nicest and best tipping patrons of a restaurant. As a Christian, how you act is a reflection on the body of Christ here on earth. If we are rude and cheap to our servers when we go out to eat, what does that say about Christianity. People may not realize it, but a vast number of waitresses and waiters do not know the Lord. Therefore, we want yo represent Him well in front of them. Additionally, it is the right thing to do if we are living our lives based upon the love of God.

Some may argue that they do not have the money to tip. If you don't have the money to leave a decent then do not go to a sit-down restaurant where you are waited on by people who make their living off of tips. The tip is s servers bring home pay, if you have a problem tipping don't waste a servers time of table instead why not try McDonalds.

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