Saturday, February 16, 2013

Meteors Over Russia

It seems like a scene from one of the doomsday movies, a large meteor landing somewhere in Russia. Friday morning it was on the morning news, a large fireball streaked across the sky over Russia making such a boom that it shattered windows. I believe that I heard them say that over 500 people were injured from the effects of the boom the meteor made. It is interesting that this happened on the morning before a large asteroid was to pass by close to our beloved planet.

The asteroid passed by without hitting the earth or causing any damage but maybe we should all realize that anything could happen at anytime. When something as big as an asteroid is heading toward the planet at an high rate of speed there is not much that you can do but pray.

It is indeed strange times that we are living in, could it be that we are living in the literal last days. I do not know where we are at on God's timetable but I do know that Christ will return to this earth some day; so please be ready to meet Him. If you are not ready to meet Him, call on His name and place your trust in Him. Trust Him to the point that you are willing to lay aside your sin and follow Him. If you place your trust in Him you won't have to worry about asteroids, meteors and such for He will be your Shephard, the gentle good Shepherd who takes good care of His sheep.

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