Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Rings Offensive in Rhode Island High School Murial

Offensive Family Mural

It seems that even something as simple as a set of weddings rings painted on a mural is considered as something that could offend some people. Check out the video on The Five, where the panel discusses this controversial topic. It is indeed strange times we are living in when weddings rings on a painting, which symbolizes marriage is seen as something that some people may find offensive. The painting shows a progression of life through adulthood, which culminates with a man and women together as a family. The controversial part of the painting is the wedding rings painted above the man and women.

I do not know how people in Rhode Island believe about family and marriage and paintings of wedding rings. Maybe they believe that depicting a traditional family in a traditional marital relationship could be harmful to Rhode Island High School students. Perhaps, a high school student might be influenced in the wrong direction by seeing a painting portraying a traditional marriage in positive light. Maybe though it is just about the rings, maybe they just don't want students to be encouraged to wear rings. I am being facetious of course, I do not believe most Rhode Island people find traditional marriage offensive nor do they find rings offensive. I do believe that we the people should be outraged that something like this should even come up for debate. What kind of society have we become, when wedding rings on a painting are considered as something that might be offensive? What will be next, will married people be forbidden to wear their rings in public because it might offend someone? Will the mention of traditional marriage in school be forbidden because it could offend some students?

It is preposterous, unthinkable and totally out of touch with reality that someone would find something symbolizing marriage offensive. When the things that are good, decent and an integral part of our society are offensive to some, then let them be offended and deal with it.

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