Wednesday, October 24, 2012

City Rain

Sheets of water poured from the hovering grey canvas

That was stretched across the dome of sky

Misty, foggy air hung like a watery veil

Over the city streets and monolithic skyscrapers

That spiraled upward towards the heavens, whose tops were lost in the vaporous mist

The rain, the rain, the rain, shrouding my city in her liquid clothes

Dampening her heart and soul, entrancing her into a soothing melancholy trance

As the rain drops tap out the rhythm to the rainy melody sang from my misty saturated city

Inebriated, yet liberated by the liquor from above

Pour down on me, run down these streets

Saturate me fully, quench this heat

Wash away yesterday’s filth

Cleanse me once again

Pour down on me, oh precious rain.

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