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How to Make a Mermaid Tail Fin

Fresh Water Mermaid Tale(fiction)

Mermaids on Blue Ridge Lake

The Beginning

Jim eased his 10 ft john boat into the greenish-blue water of Blue Ridge lake, ready for a full night of fishing. It was around 10:15 when he put in at the Green Creek boat launch on Dry Branch road. The unusually warm spring air and the hollering of the storm frogs lightened Jim's heart and brought a smile to his dark leathery face, a face that had years of exposure to the sun as he spent his summers fishing Blue Ridge lake and other bodies of water close by.

Moving his boat out into the middle of the channel, Jim tossed out his line and kicked back in his boat, enjoying the sounds of the spring night, the splash of a fish surfacing, the croak of a bull frog in the distance and the sound of girls singing somewhere out on the water. At first Jim dismissed this as crickets chirping in harmony, but soon realized that this was female voices singing a beautiful song that made him cry and laugh at the same time. Soon Jim was reeling in his line and cranking up his trolling motor, he had to find the source of the singing. Jim was being drawn towards the singing, he was under the spell of the water borne melody whose melodic notes hovered just above the surface of the lake and filled the night air with mesmerising strains and notes like nothing Jim had ever heard.........

Jim slowly eased his boat toward the sound of the voices, not having a clue as to what to expect, only knowing that he wanted to find the source of beautiful melody  floating on the light mist above the cool lake waters. By the sound of the singing, Jim envisioned a choir of beautiful young ladies that perhaps were out on a boat or maybe over on the shore close at hand. In order to see the source of the singing, Jim turned on the spotlight on the front of his boat. To his surprise, in the water out in front of the boat were a group of girls treading water, singing in unison.

Jim was perplexed as he stared into their fire-red eyes that were all fixed on him. The singing stopped, followed by cachophony of school girl giggles as Jim stopped his boat a few feet away from watery choir.

"What you girls doing out here in the middle of the lake this time of night?"

Jim's question brought more giggles but no answer. "Well, what are y'all doing out here in the water?"
Jim had come across some strange things out on Blue Ridge Lake but this beat them all.

One of the girls stopped giggling long enough to give an answer."We have come to the top water to dance on the moon beams, like this." With that, she flipped backward into the green water, surfacing a few moments later into moonlight that lay across the lake. She came totally out of the water and was moving across the silvery moonlight bathed water in a rhythmic dance. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful thought Jim as he watched her glide across the surface of the lake. Her long green/gold hair cascaded over sleek shoulders and ended at the small of her back and in the front framed  a bathing suit top that glimmered like fish scales in the moonlight that upheld her small but well-formed breasts. Below her waist it appeared to Jim that she was wearing a tight body-hugging gown made out of the same material as her top that tapered in tight at the bottom. Jim was so taken by the girl's beauty and her movement on the top of the water that he did not notice that what he thought was a gown ended in a mono-fin or fluke.

After a few cheers and giggles from her companions in the water, the fluke tailed girl ended her water dance by going from her dance on the surface into a beautiful dive that barely made a ripple in the water. Her comapnions leaped out of the water like a dolphin at Sea World and dove head first into the depths of Blue Ridge Lake. Jim noticed that they all had outfits that had flukes at the bottom. Jim rubbed his eyes, thought for a few minutes about why a bunch of girls would hang out in the lake at night wearing outfits that had a fin at the bottom, and then cast his fishing line out into the water.

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How to Make a Mono-fin

Do you like mermaids? Have you ever thought about making your own mermaid tail? One of the key parts of a mermaid tail the fin at the bottom, or what we will refer to as the Mono-fin. Making your own mono-fin is easy and inexpensive,

Things you will need are…




Duck tape

Slippers or crocks

1. Cut the plastic into to parts and put the slippers in the position you want them in.

2. Staple the ends right next to the slippers and cut into the shape of a fin.

3. Take extra pieces of plastic and apply duck tape to form the heel. Connect the heelpiece to the mono-fin and make sure it is secure.

4. Take the slippers out of the fin and put your feet into it and make sure it fits. If it is too loose or does not fit, staple or duck tape sections together and see if that helps.

Warning: Swimming with a mono-fin can be dangerous. Always have adult supervision when using mono-fin and do not attempt swimming with mono-fin unless you are an avid swimmer. A DIY mono-fin may not be as good for swimming as one that is manufactured for swimming. Home-made mono-fins are most suitable for dressing up as a mermaid and not a replacement for manufactured mono-fins made for swimming.

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