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IN and Around Blue Ridge, Georgia

Good Hamburgers in Blue Ridge, Ga

If you are looking for a good hamburger in Blue Ridge, Ga,, check out the Village Restaurant  in the Valley Village parking lot next to Fannin Lanes Bowling Alley. If it is a big fat hamburger you are desiring, they have a half-pound burger known as the Robert Burger. I love hamburgers and I have to rate this burger as above average for eating establishments in the Blue Ridge area or any place for that matter. The price for the Village Restaurant's half-pound burger was very reasonable. I got the half-pound burger and fries and a soft drink for under $10 which I considered a good deal for the quality of the food.

Visiting Blue Ridge and craving a hamburger, go to the Village Restaurant on old Hwy 76 next to Fannin Lanes in the old Valley Village parking lot and ask for the Robert Burger.


Things to Do in Blue Ridge, Georgia

So you have decided to spend a few days in the quaint little town of Blue Ridge, Ga., a town nestled in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains, and you are wondering how you are going to spend your time. Dependent upon your likes and dislikes there several different activities that you may choose.
  1. Take a stroll down the old Downtown District of Blue Ridge. Being a native of the Blue Ridge area, this is something that I personally probably would not choose, but every weekend the Downtown area is full of people who seem to be enjoying themselves. There are numerous shops, eateries, and even a gem mining and miniature golf place. Some of the eateries have bars with karaoke and live music.
  2. Ride the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. During certain times of the year you can take a train that takes you to the twin cities of McCaysville, Georgia and Copperhill, Tennessee. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway follows the Toccoa River on the rails that have run beside the river for decades.
  3. Go tubing down the Toccoa River. There are a few different outfits that offer tubes and shuttle services for tubing down the Toccoa River.
  4. Enjoy the Lake. Blue Ridge Lake is just a few miles from Blue Ridge and has swimming areas, boat launch sites and a marina. Blue Ridge Lake is also suitable for fishing.
  5. Hike the trails. There are many trails to hike in the mountains surrounding Blue Ridge. You can hike part of the famous Appalachian Trail, Benton-MacKaye Trail along with other lesser known trails.
  6. Trout Fishing. There are many trout streams in close proximity to Blue Ridge, Georgia. Some of the streams are stocked with trout and others are teeming with native trout.
This is not a comprehensive list of things to do in Blue Ridge but is a good starting point if you are visiting our area for the first time. Have a good time and enjoy your stay in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Olive Oil Store in Downtown Blue Ridge

I drove down main street in Blue Ridge the other day and seen a store an unique store, the Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company. That was a new one on me, an Olive Oil Company in Downtown Blue Ridge, Ga. When I was a kid growing up in Blue Ridge, Ga main street was the place we went to shop for clothes, shoes, guns, ammo, haircuts, oil changes, insurance, jewelry, and everyday needs and wants. Now you go to downtown Blue Ridge to get your fill of Olive Oil. My how things have changed.


Best Priced Emergency Room in Blue Ridge. Ga Area

I posted a while back about the high price of an emergency room visit my wife made earlier this year at Fannin Regional Hospital. The cost of the visit was $982, I thought a bit expensive for just looking at my wife and saying she was okay, no x-rays, lab-work or anything invasive, just got looked at by an ER doctor. Now compare the price that Fannin Regional charged with an emergency room visit at the Copper Basin Medical Center; I took my daughter a few weeks ago to the ER at the Copper Basin Medical Center and they charged me under $500. 

Unlike the visit my wife made to Fannin Regional, the nurses and doctors done for my little girl than just look at her, they had to perform a routine procedure that kept us at the hospital for over an hour. Even after the procedure and dose of medicine they gave my daughter the bill was around half the cost of Fannin's Emergency room charges. Why the price difference? I don't know, maybe Fannin Regional has a good answer. 

If you have to use a hospital's emergency room and it is not a life and death situation I highly recommend Copper Basin Medical Center. Even if it is life or death you might do just as well at Copper Basin, who knows. Besides being lower in price, the staff and doctor we seen at Copper Basin Medical Center were very nice and prompt.

Looking for a hospital in the Blue Ridge, area, you should give Copper Basin Medical Center some strong consideration. 

Copper Basin Medical Center is located on Hwy 68, outside of Copperhill, Tennessee right before you get to Ducktown.  

Walmart Coming to Blue Ridge, Ga

I am not much into spreading rumors but I heard from what I consider to be a reliable source that Walmart is coming to Blue Ridge, Ga. Walmart could be a real blessings to many of the people in the Blue Ridge area. Walmart could benefit the area through lower prices on consumer goods and by providing additional jobs for the area. Walmart may also attract more businesses to Blue Ridge, Ga, which will mean more jobs added. Some folks criticize Walmart, but in my opinion Walmart is great for the common man. In these tough economic times the common man can use all the help he can get.

Surrender at Morganton Music Park

The Christian rock band Surrender ministered at the Morganton Music Park on Sunday night, Oct 28. The Christian band comprised primarily by Ricky and Randy Beach ministered to the audience through rocking rhythms and inspired lyrics spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Making Christian music is nothing new to the Beach brothers who have been playing Christian rock music for at least two decades if not three. Randy Beach is one of the finest, if not the best guitarist in the Blue Ridge area and his brother Ricky does a fine job on the bass as well.

The group played some original compositions as well as covers of popular contemporary Christian songs. What I liked best about their performance tonight was that the performance did not seem to be about them but about Jesus, I believe they sincerely tried to lift high the name of Jesus. That is what matters the most.

In my opinion, Surrender is a professional grade Christian rock band that is not just making good music but is seeking to honor our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.


Delayed Trout Fishing for Georgia

The Toccoa river is included in the delayed trout fishing that runs between November 1 and May 14. If you can brave the cold water, this could be a great time to fish the Toccoa river and try your hand at trout fishing.

Source: the telegraph


Harvest Sale in Blue Ridge, Ga

The annual Mountain Harvest sale at the Farmers Market will take place again this coming weekend. The annual festival will be on Satuday, October 27 and Sunday October 26. This event is held at the Blue Ridge Famers Market off old Hwy 76 next to the Swan Drive in theatre. Free parking.


Autumn Leaves in Blue Ridge, Ga

The Autumn leaves are beautiful in Blue Ridge, Ga and the surrounding areas. The leaves are absolutely gorgeous as you drive up the 515 corridor that passes through Jasper, Ellijay, Blue Ridge and on up passed Blairsville, Georgia.

The leaves are pretty between Jasper and Ellijay in the White Stone area but they will knock you out as you travel 515 North towards Blue Ridge, Ga. Once you get this far north you can just take your pick of any number of side roads to take to enjoy looking at the fall colors. The north Georgia leaves are really a feast for the eyes and we should all thank God for such a beautiful creation that He has provided for His children to dwell in.

I was in North Carolina today and the leaves near Murphy, NC are equally as beautiful as well. Murphy is just a short distance from Blue Ridge, Ga.

If you are wanting to enjoy the leaves of  the Blue Ridge, Georgia area, I would not procrastiante, there will probably be only a few more weeks before the leaves begin to fade and lose their lustre and drop from the trees. Here are a few pictures I took recently of the leaves around my house and in North Carolina.

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Dust Cloud Over Blue Ridge Area

Yesterday did not look like your typical fall day in Blue Ridge, Ga, instead it looked like one of the hazy days of summer. The sky was not blue; it was almost white and the mountains off in the distance where shrouded in a white haze. Friday had a surreal feeling as the haze was an eerie white that reminded me of the sky in one of those science fiction movies where the world was about to be obliterated by a solar flare or a huge asteroid. Come to find out it was just a huge dust cloud that had drifted into the area.

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