Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spiraling Downward

Repetitive beats underneath generic rhymes
Attacking brainwaves through mediocre times
Celluloid images in flat screen high depth
With plastic, botoxed, augmented features obsessed

Satellite, Safelite, cell phone ID
Insanity, vanity, reality TV
Filling the mind with snapshot snippets
Of our culture’s disease

Is it the freefall of our society in decline?
Are we content on the crumbs of “what’s hot” to dine?
Don’t we long for something deeper, higher, something above the status quo?
Or has our minds been so numbed by the Novocain of modern day dribble that we no longer know?

Downward? Homeward? Which way today?
Black/white, Wrong/right shifting shades of grey
As sunlight fades to dusky dark
At the closing of the day


Claudia said...

great rhymes and flow in this...often wondering where this is all leading to...

Brian Miller said... the two choruses...great rhyme in them that control and change up the beat...i really like both frees and constraints....

lori said...

I think many do long for something deeper, but all the shiny stuff gets in the way :) I have to say that I saw your Leslie Phillips add on the side, and I had Libera Me on vinyl as a teenager. I wore that record out. Wish I still had my record player. Had to comment on that because no one ever knows some of the artists I grew up listening to due to the restrictions I grew up with.

Morning said...
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Morning said...

fun wonders.
lovely wordplay.

poem on.

Victoria Ceretto-Slotto said...

This is a reality we all deal with. It's so easy to escape life in the world of technology and sometimes hard to find balance. Thanks for sharing this one.

Heaven said...

you captured the paradox of our times specially with these lines:

Downward? Homeward? Which way today?
Black/white, Wrong/right shifting shades of grey

The Orange Tree said...

love your poetry talent,

check out poets rally week 55 today, share a free verse and have fun.

welcome and hope to see you in.