Sunday, October 23, 2011

Going Home

Strapped down to a cold, cold gurney
The last leg of a cruel, sordid journey
The marauder who caused so much pain
Lays waiting for the drip to begin
Looking into the families’ eyes
I see the hatred and grief start to rise
As they wait for the beast to get his due
For the helpless victims that I slew
No remorse for the deeds I have done
Only regret for what is yet to come
For I know that judgment awaits
And unfortunately I have sealed my fate
The fluid begins to flow down the line
Soon it will be moving through my veins
In a few seconds I will be no more
As old man death settles the score
Time freezes and the IV drip pauses
As a man in white enters the death closet
He holds out to me a nail scarred hand
I want to reach out and take it but I can’t
The restraints that bind me just won’t give
If I could only touch Him I know I’d live
Then He reaches down and takes hold of me
I feel His love flowing so rich and free
In that moment I acknowledge Him
And repent of my wasted life of sin
He then smiles and says you are now my own
So rejoice my child you are coming home


Claudia said...

and this is just the unbelievable grace that makes me stand in awe again and again..

Brian Miller said...

wow couple nice twist a condemned man on death row finding grace....sure enough...i am glad he did...

Natasha said...

Fantastic delivery of POV from a beyond interesting character. Loved this! You took the prompt and ran!

Mark Kerstetter said...

I'm wondering how he made the sudden transition from "no remorse" to repentance?

tinkwelborn said...

deus ex machina...into the dramatic monologue. don't know if it's been done before. interesting.

we can thank deus the speaker is the other, else we may not have this poem. LOL

a dramatic monologue from the other voice in a persona piece. well done.

Christine said...

I am weeping here. This is so full of forgiveness and love, we all live with a remorseless heart, just some sins seem worse than others.