Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Early Morning

In the still darkness after the midnight
As Tuesday night becomes Wednesday morn
Still reeling from the sledge hammer blows of another day of life amongst the people descended from Adam who was fabricated from the dust of the earth.
The mind is tired, too tired to think deeply, yet troubled by the shallows of trivial menial pursuits that seem to sprint across the well worn field of thought that has been trampled upon by armies of pointless, vain meditations that leave the soul empty, bereft of feeling, numb, cold as a stone.

In the still darkness of early morning
Winding down and reaching for rest
News on TV, brain on caffeine, body overworked and feeling the pain of years of abusive tasks that have been our way of life for longer than we care to think about.
Time to lay down, stretch-out, close our eyes and pursue our dear old friend who is getting harder and harder to catch as the years of life lived continue to take their toll on fragile flesh that was made for eternity but was cast mortal when our ancestors believed the serpent and ate the fruit, killing us all.

In the sunlight light of redemption
Alive despite and full of hope
Though the body is tired and dying daily, yet there is hope. Hope for today, hope for tomorrow, a hope that brings the chains of sin and sorrow. Even though the shell of flesh is declining, the real me is renewed daily. Ah, at last, my hope and confidence rests upon Him whom my soul loves, the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me, so that I might live eternally. Jesus, Jesus, the hope for all, even in the early morning hours of Wednesday.


Brian Miller said...

nice bit of prose man...there is hope...its a mighty dark world out there right now and many are unsure of what is next...but i know...at least one day...and it will be glorious....

hedgewitch said...

Lots of angst and pain in this life. I like the hope at the end that comes with the chains of all the faults of living attached, yet remains.

Andy said...

My first visit here from dVerse Poets Pub.

There will be many more wars, sicknesses & deaths in this time of the end before the earth is restored to the promised paradise, at which time peace on earth will reign once again, sickness & ill-health will be no more and we will live in harmony amongst each other like brothers & sisters.

Thought-provoking piece indeed.

Thanks for sharing.

The Last Kiss

Natasha said...

It's always about the hope! If we can keep that alive, there's not too much we can't manage. I think as a species, we are experiencing a dark night of the soul...but there is always morning, and I think we're finally starting to wake back up!

Morning said...

clear version of wars and their impacts.

we all strive for peace,
let's pray.

thanks for sharing, visiting from
dVerse Poets Pub.