Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beaking he Curse

Silver shadows bouncing off ferns and small trees
That lined the ancient path
Moonbeams illuminating the old trail
To where the spell was cast
Where a bargain was struck with the dragon
The old serpent of old
As six young souls were sacrificed
Upon the bloody stone
The priest walked onward towards the spot
Crucifix in hand
With a resolve in his heart and purpose in his steps
Going to make a stand
Out in the clearing sat the stone
Where the children died
And beyond that rock stood the creature
With green fiery eyes
“Hello my friend, how can I help?”
With a hissing voice
“I am no friend of yours, you liar of old”
The priest said with holy poise
“You know the rules, no blood no deal
The curse will truly stand”
“The rules are different now deceiver of men.
See what’s in my hand”
“It’s just a cross, a trinket of men.
Should I be afraid?”
“Not of the cross, but the one who hung there
To seal your bitter fate”
The creature laughed a hideous laugh
That reeked of sulfur and smoke
The priest just lifted his eyes upward
And these few words he spoke
“By the sin of men and children’s blood
The land was once defiled
But by the blood of Christ the Son of God
The curse I now defy”
A bolt of lightning shot from the heavens
Splitting the stone in half
Two men in white appeared with chains
And the creature grabbed
As the beast was chained he screamed in despair
For he knew his time had come
He knew that he could not break the bonds
And that his time on earth was done.


Claudia said...

powerful verse here and hauntingly told

Brian Miller said...

ah very nice...a creative spin on the gospel...i really likehow you told it...

Beachanny said...

This has the sound and rhythm of the South - a turn on the tale told at the crossroads. Another cross, another sacrifice, another devil down. We all seek the healing! Well written. g.

Morning said...


haunting imagery.

The Poetry Palace said...

check our poets rally and share a free verse if you could, thanks.