Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Are Stars Glorious?

Gazing up at the sparking diamonds displayed on the dark blue/black backdrop of late nightfall sky, I cry out “My God, my Creator, surely this glorious night scene declares your glory.”

Oh, to think that He who has spoke the universe into existence, hung the stars in the sky and still has time for man, no not just time for mankind, but He is ferociously in love with us, to such an extent that He poured out His life.

What a grand and glorious thought that God, the very God who is over all, not only has given us the beautiful starry skies to lose ourselves in, but also has given us His very life get lost in.

So look at the stars, be enthralled on clear nights when the stars twinkle, wink and seduce you with sparkling lights that try to pull you free from the chains of gravity, however, be careful to remember the One who created this beauty. Know that His glory shines brighter than a billion galaxies filled with an innumerable host of stars, moons, and planets. Yes, His unsurpassed glory shines the brightest of all.

Reach upwards, can you touch the stars? Such a shame such glory and beauty out of reach. Now reach out to Jesus, touch His glory, He who is Lord of all, has made His glory accessible to all. Reach out; take of the glory of the ages, the eternal glory of our God and Savior.


Claudia said...

oh i love to lose myself in the sky and in life..good for us that we can let go cause we know he holds..

Brian Miller said...

smiles...this is lovely worship duane...i like how you bring nature heavy into it because i think we see reflections in all his creation...nice...

Anonymous said...

Creator of all... the sky from dawn to dusk brilliant inspiration and reminder of why we are here

The Orange Tree said...

God bless you.

true we could not touch the beauty above the sky, but our words can capture it and with the blessing of God, everything is possible,
imagination is our treasure.