Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shadow on a Street or the Dying Day

Shadow images cast on empty street
Dim signs of life from a dying day
Little girl running, playing, chasing hoop across
deserted alleyway not knowing that these days of carefree play are fleeting
and that all too soon she will be running into the evening of a brief existence

Lonely man from up the street looks on
Bemoaning a life that once was but now is now just
a shadow on this lonely street staring at the final vestiges of
light cast upon this empty street of dreams unfulfilled and hopes extinguished
by the harsh, dampening of time

Empty cart, empty street, light is fading
Soon the shadows will envelope all



zongrik said...

grey, darker, darker...then black.

Claudia said...

you chose the same pic as i - and seems you also sensed the dying in a way...yep - grey, dark, black..well captured

Brian Miller said...

the dying day...leaves an ominous tone that you do well to buildon through out...rather gritty write...i like...

Mark Kerstetter said...

Just make sure I don't get trapped after dark in that railroad car, please!

liv2write2day said...

You captured the feeling of the painting...a sense of the brevity of our existence. Victoria

Natasha said...

Another dark take on this particular work. My mind has been opened to so many new perceptions because of the prompt. It's been a wonderful adventure visiting with each of you. Thought this was a wonderful write, and as mentioned, a great take on the painting!

lori said...

This was an eerie one, wasn't it? And your poem falls into that line as well. Those last two lines were my favorite.

Monika said...

A real haunting shot at the work. Dying day, extinguished hope, an imagery that incites the hollowness of life. wonderful!

Dave King said...

Dark, but realistically so.